What is Gun.io?

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By Zekeriya Mulbay

Are you a CTO of a company facing growth pangs, a startup co-founder, or a product development manager in a multinational organization? No matter your designation, finding and managing reliable software developers can be quite a challenge if you have attempted software development.

To surmount the difficulty, you may think along the lines of hiring quality freelance developers. Which then begs the question, where are you to find said freelancers?

What is Gun.io?1

Enter Gun.io with their team of carefully vetted software developers at your service. Read on to find out why Gun.io is for you.

What is Gun.io?

Gun.io is a website that allows businesses to connect and recruit qualified freelance software developers. Each candidate undergoes a screening process and is thoroughly vetted, saving you time during the hiring process.

Who is Gun.io for?

Gun.io aims to provide only the best, highest-quality contractors to any entrepreneur looking for a technical or engineering freelancer. So, read on to see if this platform will live up to its claims and your expectations.

How does Gun.io work?

You're likely to experience the need for a freelancer at some point for your business. The services you are looking for could be anything from logo design to creating an app or even an engineer proficient in advanced coding techniques.

Hiring freelance engineering contractors can be costly and infinitely riskier as there is every chance you may get shoddy work done.

Hiring from Gun.io will eliminate this risk to a large extent.

How does Gun.io work?

What is the Gun.io hiring process? Gun.io's hiring process filters away the ineligible freelancers by their principles of find, test, and certify.

First Stage:

The candidate's skills are evaluated and reviewed for:

  • Competency in English
  • Quality of work.
  • Their online footprint

Second Stage:

The freelancers who clear the first hurdle are invited to a Slack community where they engage and share knowledge with other freelancers. This brainstorming helps them develop their expertise.

Third Stage:

Once the freelancers cross over to this stage, they are eligible to work on projects. Newly on-boarded freelancers are teamed up with experienced ones to ensure quality control.

What are the pros and cons of Gun.io?


  • Ensure only committed freelancers get work.
  • Seasoned freelancers are paired with new talent to ensure the quality of the project.
  • If you are unsatisfied with the freelancer's quality of work, the platform offers a refund guarantee.
  • Freelancers in various disciplines, including iOS developers, data engineers, and software architects, can be available depending on client requirements.


  • There is no ready reckoner for pricing as it is based on individual quotes.
  • Depending on the project, hiring a freelancer from this platform can be expensive.
  • No matter how experienced the freelancer is, occasionally, the work may fall short of expectations. After all, freelancers are human.

How do Gun.io freelancers get paid?

Any approved freelancer can update their preferred payout option in their Gun.io profile. The billing cycle is 30 days from every Friday. Depending on the bank, the freelancer will get paid within three working days.

What is the fee structure for Gun.io?

The payment structure used by Gun.io is based on quotes. The freelancer furnishes the hourly rate at which they are willing to work.

As freelancers set their rates, the cost incurred will depend on the person to whom the client wishes to award the contract.

The value of the contract will depend on factors such as the competency and experience of the freelancer.

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