Feature 1: Niche Navigator

helps freelancers find high paying niches by providing niche-specific skills, tools, personality, earning, competition, effort, main goal, target stakeholders, and example projects.

Feature 2: Profile Wizard

helps freelancers create their profiles from scratch by requiring expertise, skills, target sectors, stakeholders, and main goals, and producing freelancing profile titles, entrance, skills, keywords, suggested hourly rate, case study, and work history suggestions.

Feature 3: Proposal Pal

generates suggested cover letters and additional questions to clarify job postings based on copy-pasting the job posting description, in order to improve freelancers' chances of getting hired.

Feature 4: Interview Coach

generates suggested contract samples and points to be careful with based on copy-pasting the job posting, as well as potential interview questions.

Feature 5: Email Assistant (Coming soon)

contains email generators for various cases such as client onboarding, status updates, missing meetings, project delays, and raising freelancing rates, to help freelancers build consistent communication with clients.

Feature 6: SWOT Sensei and Degree/Tool Matchmakers

provides freelancing insights based on degree or expertise in certain tools, and generates SWOT analyses based on inputted information, to help those starting or considering starting freelancing.

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