What is GitHub? Heaven of Developers

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By Zekeriya Mulbay

There's no developer unaware of GitHub. One way or another, you'll end up on Github.com if you are interested in software development. The platform hosts more than 83 million developers all around the world.

Almost every developer has an account over there. Would you like to be one of them?

What is GitHub?

Let's find out what offers this fantastic platform to us!

What is GitHub Used For?

GitHub is a hosting service for software development and related works. Various collaboration features, bug tracking, integrations, version control, complete guidelines for software, and so on…

You'll be right there if you want to say something about software.

Let's check out some terms you need to know at first:

  • Repository: Imagine a box full of what you need for your project. All files, documents, images, sounds… simply all your data are kept in a repository.
  • Git: Git and GitHub are sometimes used the same but are not. Git is a version control system. What is that mean? Every change you have made in your codes is recorded, and you can see older versions and always make the change. On the other hand, GitHub is the service hosting your Gits.
  • Version Control: Tracking and managing codes.

How to Sign Up for a New GitHub Account

Here are the simple steps for beginners. Keep in your mind that you need some coding to get everything done.

  • Choose your plan. There're different options for individuals, teams, and enterprises.
  • Enter your details and email address, then create a password.
How to Sign Up for a New GitHub Account
  • Verify your email.
  • Select your preferences and submit them.
  • Create a repo (short form of the repository). You'll store your code and other data here.
  • Download Git.
  • Connect your repo with your local file.
  • You are ready to use it.

Is GitHub Free?

GitHub offers 3 plans with different features. There's a free plan for everybody with Unlimited Public and Private repositories.

Free features are limited, though. For instance, you need to pay $4 per user/month to collaborate on a private repository.

Is GitHub Free?

Why do you need GitHub?

  • GitHub is where developers and managers come together and get into the work. Updates, progress, and results are all transparent and observable.
  • Private and Public options are available. You can share repositories and packages in public or keep them safe in private.
  • Get help if you are stuck at some point. The huge community is always with you.
  • Show your skills to everyone. GitHub is a shopping window for developers. There are so many talent scouts looking for newbies.
  • Improve your network. Thousands of developers spend time on GitHub and share their ideas. Contribute and get in touch.
  • GitHub is one of the best places for coding. There are millions of how-to resources, from videos to communities.

That's it. Create an account and dive into the deep world of coding with GitHub.

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