What is WP Engine WordPress Host?

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By Ebru Mulbay

Ensure your website is optimized, secure, and fast-loading, which might seem overwhelming. Here’s a solution that will do the job instead of you!

The top WordPress platform, WP Engine, is here to save you and your time. The platform offers the tools you need to build stunning WordPress sites and apps that quickly advance your business.

More than 120,000 customers rely on WP Engine’s award-winning team of WordPress experts and cutting-edge technology.

We are here to help and guide you.

What is WP Engine?

The WordPress Digital Experience Platform, known as WP Engine, provides businesses of all sizes with the adaptability, performance, intelligence, and integrations they require to advance their business operations quickly.

What is WP Engine?

WP Engine is one of the most well-known management hosting companies, which supports individual websites, startups, and major corporations.

How to Use WP Engine?

There are numerous ways you can use WP Engine. Sign in online or download the app!

Wp Engine Online: Visit WP Engine and sign in; easy as pie.

WP Engine for Mac and Windows: Download WP Engine Desktop to speed up your work! Available for Mac, Windows, and Linux.

WP Engine for iPhone and Android: Fastest way to access WP Engine! For IOS and Android.

How Much Does WP Engine Cost?

Unfortunately, WP Engine is only free for local tools and features. But don’t worry; there are many plans that will eventually meet your needs!

How Much Does WP Engine Cost?

There are 3 mandatory plans, each split into 5 categories, from startup to custom.

WP Engine Hosting Plans

Startup plan: For small websites and blogs. $24 monthly.

  • 1 site
  • 25k visits/monthly
  • 10GB local storage
  • 500GB Bandwidth and more.

Professional Plan: For growing businesses. $47 monthly.

  • 3 sites
  • 75k visits/monthly
  • 15GB local storage
  • 125GB Bandwidth and more.

Growth Plan: For professional blogs, e-commerce, and small agencies. $92 monthly.

  • 10 sites
  • 100k visits/monthly
  • 20GB local storage
  • 200GB Bandwidth and more.

Scale Plan: For established online businesses of all kinds. $232 monthly.

  • 30 sites
  • 400k visits/monthly
  • 50GB local storage
  • 500GB Bandwidth and more

Custom Plan: If you need more advanced features and information, visit WP Engine.

WP Engine Site Migration

Migrating to a new host is simple and requires little technical knowledge. There’s no need to worry about anything because the plugin takes care of everything.

Before Migrating

You must sign up for a WP Engine Plan and add a new "Site and Environment."

Once started, the migration process copies your site’s content and database to a WP Engine server.

Double-check the domain when installing the plugin or working on either version of the site until you’ve completed the entire "Going Live" process.

Access Site Migration Page

The WP Engine User Portal Site Migration page displays all of the information required to complete your migration process.

Access the WP Engine User Portal.

Click on the name of the environment you want to migrate to, and select Site Migration from the menu.

Download and Activate Plugin

Click Plugins in the wp-admin of the site you’re migrating from. Select add new and look up WP Engine Automated Migration. Install and Activate.

Start the Migration

Return to the migration plugin in the wp-admin of the site from which you are migrating. Enter an email address to receive updates on the migration status. And you are ready!

Top Tips to Make Use Of WP Engine

  • WP Engine plans are billed monthly and annually
  • The support team is ready 24/7 globally
  • Don’t worry about your protection. WP Engine has SSL certification and data encryption.
  • With Site Monitoring, you will learn and solve site problems immediately.

With WP Engine and its features, everything is easy as ABC!

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