What is Udemy? A Platform to Learn Valuable Skills

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By Zekeriya Mulbay

The world is processing, where skills are the main demands of a candidate in an organization. For this, Udemy is providing you with a platform where you can take thousands of courses in a minimum amount of time and money.

Moreover, you are eligible to get certifications by enrolling yourself on this platform. Udemy has courses from highly qualified teachers that you can easily learn at your leisure.

What is Udemy?

Let’s answer most of your queries in the next section of our article. Without further ado, let’s dive into it.

What is Udemy?

Udemy is one of those top platforms to learn basic technical skills via online courses from hand-vetted teachers. It is available in multiple languages, such as Korean, Russian, Chinese, French, and others. It is widespread in 180+ countries, including 741M enrollments.

The number of students on Udemy has gradually increased from last year. There were 40 million students in May 2021, skyrocketing to 54 million in July 2022. One main reason students enroll on Udemy is the course price. The prices are slightly lower as compared to other platforms.

There are 13-course categories on Udemy

There are 13-course categories on Udemy: Development, Design, Photography & Video, IT & Software, Music, Lifestyle, Business, and a few others. All the paid courses have lifetime access with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

If you are an expert in your field, you can also become an instructor on Udemy by delivering your course and start teaching people all around the world. You will have complete control over the content you provide to Udemy.

How to Use Udemy?

Udemy is pretty easy to access; you can sign up here with an email and password or use your Google account. If you want to learn any practical skill, you can hover into different categories on Udemy and enroll in it.

There are 522 free courses on this platform, such as WordPress, Blender, CSS, HTML5, SEO, Marketing Strategy, and many more.

One of the questions our visitors ask is: Is Udemy worth our time and money? Well, if you are enrolled in a free course, you won't be getting a certificate at completion.

Udemy is undoubtedly a helpful platform for most students. However, you can't use their certificate for formal accreditation.

How Much Does Udemy Cost?

As mentioned, Udemy courses are pretty affordable. The price of the courses is between $12 to $199. Furthermore, you can purchase a personal plan, which costs around $30 per month on Udemy.

Mass discounts are available on most Udemy courses; you can get up to 75% to 90% discounts on various courses. You can also use coupons from Udemy itself on its social media platforms.

Personal Plan (Features) $30/month

  • Access to 6000+ courses on various subjects like Digital Marketing, Designing, and IT.
  • Explore up to 2500+ exercises, which will help you master your skills.

Udemy Business Plans

If you have a team behind your back, Udemy business might be an ideal option as this plan offers excellent features. You can try this plan for 14-days for free or request a demo after upgrading your account to access.

Team – $360/Yearly

  • Users can explore up to 7,800+ courses on various subjects and skills.
  • Access through the mobile application.
  • You can customize your logo and URL.
  • For 5 to 10 people.

Enterprise Plan

To access this plan, you'll need to contact the sales department of Udemy. The following are the features: -

  • Users can customize groups, topics, logos, and URLs.
  • Users are eligible for Udemy Business Pro.
  • Access to 17,000+ courses.
  • More than 21 people can access it.

The Best Courses Available on Udemy

There are so many top-notch courses available on Udemy. However, we have picked our best picks, which will benefit you.


In a nutshell, Udemy is one of those learning platforms where you can achieve milestones in thousands of courses at affordable prices. We have discussed our top 3 courses on Udemy. Free courses are also available but don't come with in-depth videos.

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