The Ultimate Guide to Dribbble

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By Zekeriya Mulbay

Hire or get hired! Are you a skilled designer and have an urge to showcase your work? Or is your enterprise looking to hire designers? Do you want to pursue potential clients in a much better way?

If you do, then Dribbble is one of those websites where people like you work and thrive!

Dribbble is an online designer's platform. Artists and designers use Dribbble to find work or hire designers.

It has become an inspiration for most creatives to grow and share their professionalism with ease. Dribbble is one of the best sites to find remote work. You can opt to choose full-time, part-time, or freelance on it.

We've got a lot to say about this intuitive platform. Let's discuss this more in the next phase of our article.

What is Dribbble?

Dribbble is an online platform for designers. It's an intuitive landmark for personal branding, growth, showcase work, and employees.

Zack Onisko, CEO of the site, has the current acquisition of

The site has over 3.5 million registered users and 6-million active users. Also, it is the fastest-growing private company in the USA, having won two rewards (2018 and 2019) as one of the leading American companies.

What is Dribbble?-2

Dribbble has designers from 195 countries, and 4 million users interact with the site every month. They have over 251 employees working under their bench. Also, Dribbble has a revenue of $61M, and employee revenue is $243,000 per year.

Moreover, it is a compelling portfolio website for most UX/UI designers involved in designing mobile apps.

Who is Dribbble for?

Do you want to gain inspiration, feedback, community, and get hired? Then Dribbble would be a great option.

Who is Dribbble for?

Some typical categories in which you can create a portfolio on Dribbble are

  • Animation
  • Branding
  • Product Designing
  • Logo Designing
  • UX/UI designs
  • Typography and Web designs

Designers on this site work on both hourly and fixed project rates. Freelancers charge according to their skill set, geographical location, and experience.

If you're a newbie, you can enhance your designing skills with a certified product designing course and live workshops on Dribbble.

Dribbble ranked on g2  website, with 4.1 positive ratings out of 20 reviews.

Besides, Dribbble was on the global market of UX 2022, which drives growth and opportunities.

How Does Dribbble Work?

It's a community of designers, illustrators, animators, etc., which requires only an email to sign up.

Individuals can hire designers or find freelance jobs on the site, which are much more lucrative. And as mentioned, as a designer, you can use it to display your best work, so people can see and learn from it.

How does Dribbble work?

You can't post jobs or get hired on Dribbble without upgrading your account to Pro Business.

The work you post on Dribbble remains private and isn't public until any designer has invited you to the community.

Membership Plans on Dribbble

Let's check out the following packages for freelance designers and see how expensive Dribble is.

Account TypeBasic Account Pro AccountPro-Business Account
FeaturesBuild Your PortfolioUpgraded PortfolioEntire Freelance Jobs Board
AccessibilityYou can't message project ownersMessage project ownersAdd pitch videos to your portfolio
ProfileNo stunning profileStunning profile with build shotsReceive emails daily about jobs
PriceFree$12 per month and $60 annually.
If you choose an annual program, it will charge $5 monthly and save $84
$20 per month and $60 annually.
If you select a yearly schedule, it will charge $15 monthly and save you $60

How to Post a Job on Dribbble

On Dribbble, you can post a job (paid) or Freelance Projects (free).

This section will guide you on posting a job on Dribbble.

  • Go to and sign in to your account with an email.
  • On the top taskbar, you will see several tabs. Click on Hire designers.
  • On this tab, there will be adding three options. Choose the List my job openings option.
  • Add description, title, specialties, and Job location.
How to post a job on Dribbble

Please not forget there is a subscription fee of $249 per month for job posting on Dribbble.

Once you clear the check, candidates will be able to see your job. Momentarily, you'll start receiving messages.

Why Should You Use Dribbble, and What Are Its Unique Features?

Dribbble has opportunities for both employees and businesses.

As a business owner, you may be perturbed about your startup. So, Entrepreneurs opt for Dribbble to hire the best designers for their projects.

On Dribbble, there are designers from different categories. Also, the candidates pay to apply for your job post. So, the paid membership somehow ensures reliable and diligent work.

One of the features of Dribbble is that individuals can showcase their work for free. Freelancers use this alternative as a portfolio to get potential clients. Moreover, you can enjoy advanced features if you prefer to buy Pro accounts (prices above).

How do I Get Paid?

You can opt for several options and get paid by clients on Dribbble. Let's see what options are available.

How do I Get Paid?
  • When the terms have been set, you can ask for a deposit from the client, like 20-50%, depending on the project's budget.
  • You can describe the payment method to the client while sending a proposal. You can also describe the terms and conditions of the payment.
  • Write your bill/invoice and send it to your client.
  • Use PayPal to receive the amount or direct it to the local bank account option.

Questions to Answer

1.What is Dribbble used for?

As we mentioned above, people use Dribbble for consulting and hiring designers from all over the world.

Build your portfolio and get work!

2. Is Dribbble any good?

It's a better site to showcase your work, as you can get remote to on-site jobs. You can also work as a full-time designer on Dribbble and monopolize your business.

3. Is Dribbble better than Behance?

Dribble and Behance are more likely the same. You can use both websites to make your work public on social media. They both are great options for designers.

4. Is Dribbble suitable for artists?

Dribbble has a pool of designers in their yard. Designers, illustrators, animations, and even UX/UI designers work on this site.

Final Verdict

In a nutshell, Dribbble is home to designers of several niches. People are using it to display past projects and work examples. Indeed, it is one of the best sites for designers.

Showcase your best examples on Dribbble and let people admire them.

Follow for learning about excellent freelancing options.

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