What is 99Designs?

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By Zekeriya Mulbay

Over 444,306 people and businesses have come to us for their custom logos, websites, books, and all types of graphic design.” (99Designs)

Graphic Designing is a profession that has been growing as a lucrative career option. There are so many platforms that facilitate graphic designers to show their talents.

Do you know of a platform specifically built for freelance graphic designers? Well, it is 99Designs.

What is 99Designs?

99Designs was founded to connect graphic designers from around the world with potential clients.

With a creative platform that is easy to use, it provides custom designs from experts with whom clients can connect for various projects. In this article, we will discuss all you need to know about 99Designs.

What is 99Designs?

Established in 2008 in Melbourne, Australia, 99Designs is a freelancing platform designed for graphic designers to bid their creativity, and for clients to get customized designs for their projects.

Matt Mickiewicz founded 99Designs to provide a forum for developers and designers to compete for a fictional client's bid; later they began charging to post authentic briefs for projects.

What is 99Designs?

By 2016, the website had over one million registered developers from 170+ countries around the globe.

How does 99Designs Work?

99Designs works in a different, yet simple way from other freelancing platforms. Follow a few simple and easy-to-follow steps and you will be ready to begin your venture into the world of freelancing!

1. A brief created by clients

Clients start the process by creating a brief to help designers comprehend exactly what they are looking for. It will include all the necessary details, including the preferred styles, themes, color palette, etc.

Projects are usually for logo design, branding, and packaging.

A brief created by clients

Clients also incorporate the pricing they are looking for from economical to luxurious, depending on the complexity and sophistication of the layout.

2. Connecting with the Designers

A client may approach a single designer for the task at hand or they may call for a design contest where multiple designers submit their ideas and clients choose their favorite.

3. Collaborating with the Designer

Clients provide feedback for the ideas submitted by the designers and they can iterate on a specific design until it fulfills their requirements.

Collaborating with the Designer

Once they are satisfied, they will begin with the payment procedure and the designers will deliver the design through digital files.

Application Process

It only takes a few minutes to complete the application process and start working as a designer at 99Designs.

Application Process
  • A Curation Team will examine your application and your hiring will depend on the experience and skills you gained.
  • You need to enter your email and password to complete the sign-up. Wait for the email notification, which will not take over seven days. In case your application is rejected, apply again, but do not try more than twice.
  • As it is a professional website, you are required to submit an authentic ID for the verification process once your application is approved.

Why should you use 99Designs?

Easy to find clients

The most stressful part of being a graphic designer is finding your next project. With 99Designs, you have a platform to bid on your projects and improve your work as a part of the process.


Freelancing provides graphic designers with control over their workload. You can work online on 99Designs and pursue other projects simultaneously.

No certifications required

Self-taught graphic designers can be a part of the community as well. Academic credentials and certifications are not a requisite to working at 99Designs. As it is a skill-based website, your experience, skills, and designs are enough.

How do I get paid?

The rates of the projects will vary with the complexity and sort of designs you will work on. If the client contacts you personally, you can set your prices according to the typical rates for the particular project or even higher, in case it is more complex.

The website will deduct a part of your earnings for its maintenance, logistics, and client support. Designers also need to pay a 20% Client Introduction Fee for the initial $500 of their earnings. This fee is waived if you bring them a new client.

How do I get paid?

The fees also reduce as the degree of your work increases. High-level designers pay lesser amounts than others.

For design contests, clients generally pay between $299 to $1299 varying with the package. If your idea wins, you will earn a substantial portion of the package price. However, if you are not lucky, you will have full copyright over the design and can modify it for future clients.


Establishing yourself in the domain of freelancing is not an easy task. The competition is tough and you enter the market of global graphic designers.

99Designs is a great freelancing platform in 2022, that offers an opportunity to learn and hone your skills. With design contests and projects you get to work on what you have love and talent for.

Questions to Answer (FAQs)

Is 99designs worth it for designers?

With a global community of graphic designers, 99Designs is a professional and authentic website that renders a platform for designers to show their creativity.

Although the competition is stiff with several talented designers from across the globe, with patience and determination, you will surely be able to attract clients and reach your way to the top.

How much do you make on 99designs?

The money you make depends on the skills you have.

Entry-level designers may find it hard to set a good price, however as your experience increases and your skills get polished, it will become relatively easy to earn a decent amount from the website.

How much do you make on 99designs?

Is 99designs free?

99Designs is free to sign up and get started as a freelance graphic designer. For one-on-one projects, entry-level designers pay 15%, mid-level 10℅ , and high-level 5% of their fees.

The operational cost of the platform is covered by the client introduction fee. You will be charged this fee every time you take on a new project. This fee is waived for winners and finalists of the design contests and those who bring new clients to the platform through the email invitation feature.

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