How to Become a Freelance Artist?

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By Zekeriya Mulbay

Do you know? A number of artists work freelance. According to a study by Arts Council, more than 40% of workers in the creative industry are self-employed.

Do you know what freelance artist is meaning? Do you have a passion for art like painting, sculpturing, illustrations, photography, designing, etc.? Have you ever considered turning such a passion into a career being a freelance artist? Yes, being a freelance artist can be the best career choice for you. But you should know where and how to get started to get the ultimate output from it.

Knowing your interests, strengths, and future goals can help you decide whether it can be a good option for you or not.

A Freelance Artist

This article includes everything that you should know to get started.

After reading this article, you would not consider knocking your head with queries like:

  • What does it mean to be a successful freelance artist?
  • How can it be the best choice for you to be a freelance artist?
  • Where and how to get started to be a freelance artist?
  • How to grab freelance artist opportunities?

So. Let’s get started.

What Is A Freelance Artist, and What Does A Freelance Artist Do?

As a freelance artist, you will be self-employed, providing creative and artistic services to different clients over various platforms.

You might be a graphic designer, illustrator, photographer, or anything that falls under art. You will be working most of the time freely, having no restrictions like a 9 to 5 job.

The top-notch benefit to being a freelance artist is that you can be doing work without being hired to sell online and in physical marketplaces as well.

What Skills Do You Need To Be A Freelance Artist?

All visual arts require you to learn a particular skill set. Therefore, as a freelance artist, you should learn some or all of the specific skills given below. In addition, various online platforms offer you to learn artistic skills.


Whether you are a graphic designer, painter, illustrator, or any other type of freelance Artist, the very basic skill in visual arts begins with sketching. As a freelance artist, you prepare rough sketches before finalizing a specific design or visual art.


The ability to draw creative sketches can make it easy to grab the clients. Your life, imagination, and memory can help you create an artistic sketch.

Knowledge of Proportions

When you prepare a draft sketch in your mind or visual, you should know the proportions next. The golden ratio principle is the most used principle of proportions that you should learn to be a freelance artist.

The golden ratio principle, which is also applicable in life and nature, is a freelance visual artist's 2nd crucial lesson to learn.

Composition of elements in an artist's creation

Harmony and composition skills are the next options you should learn as a freelance artist.

Composition skills are all about developing harmony and balance in composing visual elements. So knowing that the design needs elements in symmetrical or asymmetrical form can add much to your freelance artist career.

Color Theory

The philosophy and psychology of colors are important to know to be a freelance artist.

Color Theory

There are various techniques to use colors. Therefore learning to use colors more efficiently and effectively can help you grow fast in your freelancing career as a visual artist.

Business and analytical skills

You must know the use of freelancing platforms and to deal with clients. Learning communication skills, management skills, networking skills, and some technical & analytical skills can help you in your career to be a professional freelance artist.

How Much Can A Freelance Artist Earn?

Yes, this is a big deal to make $5k or more in a month as a freelance artist.

But, if you are professional enough in your skills and know to polish yourself, you will make it soon. Thus, your earnings, career, and future depend on you and your decisions.

What Types of Freelance Artists Are There?

There are various types of freelance artists, and you can be one of them by developing your unique artistic style.

For example, freelance Graphic Designers can give meaning to illustrations and use digital tools to create stunning art.

On the other hand, photographers capture the moments and edit photos as well.

Then Calligraphers do write in artistic manners.

Professional Illustrators use art to tell compelling stories.

Creative Writers also fall under the freelance artist category.

So there are many types of freelance artists who create art in various ways to sell online.

Is Freelance Artist Career Right For You?

A passionate freelance artist has a wide-ranging scope in his field. But for success, you need to be a consistent and hard worker in any field. Moreover, being a freelancer, your income at the start will be unstable, and even there is no guarantee about when you will get your first order.

On the other hand, you get stunning output when you give a proper time to your appetite.

Every freelance artist is an entrepreneur, as they always have a product, idea, or something creative to sell online over the freelancing platform. But you have a great number of opportunities to grab. Here are some of the pros and cons that you should know before going into this field.

Pros of being a freelance artist

The job of a freelance artist is not limited to only drawing and painting.

Pros of being a freelance artist

Graphic designing, Creative writing, Photo Editing, and much more other beneficiaries are there for you.

Comfort level

Comfort means a lot to everyone. Being a freelance artist, you are your boss. You are free to set your working hours and place to work from. So you can work from anywhere and whenever you want. You just need to be creative while working as a freelance artist.

Being a creative freelance artist, the updated market trend helps you win the client's trust, ensuring high profits.

Beauty Lies There for You

What is a big fortune for someone to have a career in his hobbies? Enjoying doing working means a lot to you if you like it. A freelance artist is one of those professionals who like to do what he does.

Creativity is a Big Plus

To be a professional freelance artist is all about creativity. No matter how much experience you have, you can make it magnificent if you like it.

Cons of being a freelance artist

Some negative aspects are also there, as everything has.

Cons of being a freelance artist

But don't worry, as you can come over them in various ways.

Income instability

Freelance Jobs cannot make sure to provide you with a stable income. But your consistency in finding work and keeping yourself best in every project makes it sure somehow.

Limited Jobs

Jobs for freelance artists are impacted by clients for arts by some means. You have to make it in the market of high competition where many experienced freelance artists grab your seats.

Frustrating Start

No matter how experienced or creative you are, starting a freelance artist career is slow.

You may not have a job even for months at the start. But soon you will surely get one that really suits you. Moreover, unreliable clients may also be there.

Deadlines can really be Annoying

Getting an opportunity and starting a project, you must manage deadlines or sooner to provide revisions if there would be any.

How To Become A Freelance Artist?

Here are some basic steps to being a freelance artist in any category you are a part of.

How To Become A Freelance Artist?

Decide your category

Before getting started, you have to choose a specific freelance artist category to step in, like graphic designer, photo editor, illustrator, etc.

Create your profiles over some of the best freelancing platforms

Whether you decide to get started from Fiverr, Upwork, or, you must create a stunning profile to attract buyers.

Get your first freelance artist job

Next, you have to apply for various jobs that you find yourself the best fit for to get your first client.

Build a Strong Portfolio

When you get hired, you have to establish your portfolio.

Expand your Business by Having Some Long-Term Clients

Now you have some clients but not long-term and high-paying ones. So if you want to expand your business, you need more buyers. For that purpose, you have to use various other freelancing platforms to move on further.

Seems so simple? But in reality, it is not. You have to be consistent with yourself and with your career. You should not lose heart if you don't find a job. Your hard work will pay you back at a time.

Best Freelancing Websites for Freelance Artists

Here are enlisted some of the best websites for you to find work or sell your artistic creativity as a freelance artist.

Top Tips and Advice

  • Before becoming a freelance artist, try to find a full-time job first.
  • Stay updated about the industry.
  • Designate and design your special room as a freelance artist to work efficiently.
  • Schedule your working hours.
  • Be focused and consistent while working
  • Find some clients to start with and be a good partner to work with
  • Find time for finances as well.
  • To sell your art online, keep scrolling freelance websites.
  • Always be patient to go for your goal.

Tools for Freelance Artists

Being a freelance artist, to work efficiently and more effectively, you will need to manage your time well and stay organized. Your stress as a creative freelance artist can be lessened when you have some tools that are a relief for you to work meritoriously.


For iOS devices, it is the powerful, sleek, easy-to-use, and ideal program for freelance artists that enables your creativity.



When you work with more clients, and on more projects as a professional freelance artist, the hassle is to track everything you do. This is where Dottedsign comforts you.


Dribbble provides its users with a massive collection of inspiration from high-quality artworks by others. Moreover, you can also use it to get hired.


Pexels has your back; a database of free and high-quality stock photos to search easily.

An online logo generator can really help you find ideas to create the best logos.

Freelance Artist Interview Questions

  • Who are your biggest artistic influences?
  • How do you define success as a freelance artist?
  • Does art help you in other areas of your life?
  • How have you developed your freelance art skills?
  • Have you ever worked as a freelance artist before?
  • How can you navigate the professional art industry?
  • Which type of art trends do you like?
Freelance Artist Interview Questions
  • How has your art style changed over time?
  • What have your previous clients said about your artwork?
  • What are the factors that influence the price of your work?
  • How can this contract help you improve your artistic skills?
  • What are your ultimate career goals as a freelance artist?
  • How do you manage a work-life balance as a freelance artist?
  • Describe a freelance artist's ideal working environment.
  • Do you sell your artworks anywhere else besides here?
  • Are you currently employed elsewhere as a freelance artist?

How Hard Is It To Be A Freelance Artist?

You would have really got all about the career of a freelance artist for you. You would have a mindset to be or not to be.

Everything is impossible for people who have never done it. But when you care about yourself, your career, and your income sources, you have to work constantly. You would be unable to picture the sufferings you met in your journey when you get an amazing output.

So, it totally depends upon you, how hard you make it for yourself.

Is Being A Freelance Artist Worth It?

Yes, it does if you do. Even no matter what you are doing, it does if you are doing it professionally.


Remember that becoming a freelance artist is different from being a successful freelance artist!

It's a time to pursue your dream if you have it anywhere in your mind. Now you would be looking forward to learning to use freelancing platforms. Be happy to help you with that; we have already developed something for you.

You can know more about freelancing here or if you want to learn about Fiverr, click here.

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