What is Codeable and How to Be a Member?

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By Zekeriya Mulbay

Codeable is a platform only focused on WordPress developers. You can also think of it as Upwork but only for WordPress developers.

If you are a WordPress expert, there're some job opportunities.

What is Codeable?

Keep reading and see what you can get the most out of Codeable.

What Jobs Can You Do?

  • Plugin development
  • E-commerce and Woocommerce
  • Custom WordPress sites
  • Website design
 What Jobs Can You Do?
  • API development and integration
  • Bug-fix and maintenance

Is The Platform Suitable for Me?

Since this platform is not aimed at entry-level experts, its expectations are high. I highly recommend that you apply if you are capable of these skills:

  • If you are a WordPress expert with at least three years of experience
  • If you have a sufficient portfolio
  • If you deliver your work on time
  • If your focus is on quality
  • If your English and communication skills are above average

How does The Application Process Go?

Step 1: Professional Review

At this stage, English proficiency, freelancing, client management, and of course, WordPress knowledge are reviewed by experts.

Step 2: Technical Exam

At this stage, a task is assigned by the admittance specialists. As a result of the task, the code quality, technical knowledge adequacy, and problem-solving ability of the project will be examined.

Step 3: Live Chat

The assessment at this stage will be more focused on communication skills. Supposing that your technical knowledge is enough and you have previous experience working as a freelancer, I think it will not be too tricky at these stages.

If you have passed the technical exam, you will not have much difficulty in this part.

Step 4: Academic Exam

It's the excellence of its internal processes that make Codeable quality. Therefore, at this stage, you are expected to understand the internal process of quality standards under "The Codeable Academy" and pass the exam.

Step 5: Trial Period

We wouldn't know if it's compatible or not until we evaluate it, right? This harmony applies to both you and the Codeable. Maybe you won't like the working processes and the pay you get, or they will see a problem with your work quality.

They only try to include the best WordPress experts as this place focuses solely on WordPress development.

Step 6: Continuous Follow-up

Even if you are included in the system to keep the quality of the service at the highest level, the evaluation process is followed periodically.

How Much Money Can I Earn on Codeable?

If you are an expert, you can join these platforms. Joining these platforms is also reflected in the prices. You can earn an average of $70-120 per hour.

Each project has an estimated duration, and they expect this estimated effort from you. For example, if you have a new $90 hourly wage and start a project that will take an estimated 50 hours, your income will be $4500.

What is Service Fee on Codeable?

Codeable takes 10% off from a freelancer. It also adds %17.5 of the price for the service fee for your x amount of work and reflects the price to the client in this way.

In other words, we can say that they receive 20% of the total budget price as a service fee.

What are Payment Methods on Codeable?

They accept credit cards, bank transfers, and PayPal.

When can I Withdraw My Fee?

After the client completes the project, the money will be transferred to your expert account. After this stage, you can withdraw the fee to your bank account whenever you want.

PayPal requests will be credited to your account within 24 hours on weekdays, and bank transfers in five days.

What are the Estimated Project Fees?

  • Medium complexity custom plugin development starts from $1750.
  • Urgent website design and development starts from $7500.
  • The lowest project is priced at $960, and the highest is priced at $16,000.

You can use the link here for the project estimator tool.

Features That Make Codeable Different

Focusing on WordPress only

Focusing on one area always bears fruit. This fruit can turn into a huge fruit field if we are talking about WordPress, the fastest growing and largest market share in the world.

Focusing on a single area and solving the problems quickly will cause some side effects which will make this process so much easier, like having experienced recruitment experts and support teams.

Not Price-oriented

What we like most is that it does not expose freelancers to customers with their prices. Instead, the customer sees a single price and 1-5 freelancers and chooses the expert they see closest to them.

The Codeable algorithm provides a single price to the customer by determining an estimated budget based on the fees it receives from up to 5 experts. Thus, competition is not caused by the price; it is caused by work quality.

Is there anything better than coming into prominence with expertise and not with the price?

Job Application Process

While applying for the project, an expert from Codeable customer conversations talks to the customer at the same time as you until they get the job. This situation prevents misunderstandings.

Community Management

One of its most important features is that it has a community of experts where you can get the support you may need, especially in soft skills (for example, customer communication).

Frequently Asked Questions About Codeable (FAQs)

What Types of Projects are Involved?

  • Small tasks
  • Bug-fix (404 bugs etc.)
  • Plugins that are not working as expected
  • Slow database optimizations
  • Server and website maintenance
  • Website, theme, and plugin updates
  • Speed and security optimizations
  • Theme/plugin development
  • New website design and development

Can I reapply if I get rejected?

The platform does not allow re-application until 12 months after the rejection. But after one year, you apply again and undergo the same processes.

You can try your luck at Upwork, Fiverr, or Freelancer during this time.

Can I have more than one project?

You can have a maximum of 3 open projects during the first 45-day trial period. In other words, you may have taken 10 jobs during this time, but 7 of them must be completed.

This limit will be increased to 7 after a successful ending of the trial period.

How is Codeable Different From Other Major Freelancer Platforms?

  • It eliminates price competition by offering a single price to the customer.
  • It only focuses on WordPress-related projects.
  • Expert community
  • Slack-based WordCamp meetings.

Let's give it a try to Codeable today and see what to get with your expertise.

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