What is DreamHost for Your Look on The Web?

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By Zekeriya Mulbay

Websites for Businesses, blogs, and online projects have become increasingly important due to the widespread use of digital platforms.

For this reason, web hosting services are essential as they make a website efficient by providing web security, website performance, improved user experience, and technical support to manage the website. A good web hosting will contain ample storage, high bandwidth, responsive customer support, and good privacy protection.

Regardless, web hosting services are rarely free of cost. If you are a start-up, adding more burden to your limited budget is not the ideal option.

This is where DreamHost rises and shines. With more than 1.5 million websites and 4+ million customers under its scope, DreamHost is the ideal option for a web hosting provider.

How is DreamHost Good for You?

Whether you are a novice or tech-savvy, DreamHost is a good option for your website. Most website owners prefer web hosting services that provide high-quality features at an affordable rate.

How is DreamHost Good for You?

DreamHost offers both of these with its comprehensive services that are ideal for both small and large business owners who are working to make their websites more efficient for their businesses.

The advantages of choosing DreamHost over other web hosting services are:

1. Performance and Speed

A website's quality automatically enhances when it has an overall good performance and high speed.

For instance, DreamHost offers its products which are designed in a manner that guarantees seamless integration between DreamHost and WordPress.

2. Reliable Uptime

DreamHost offers 100% stable uptime. This will ensure that your website is always online and functional at its highest potential.

As DreamHost utilizes SSDs, your data and caching will be exceptionally faster when compared to the old HDDs. It provides a loading time of 2.35 seconds which enhances your user experience as the website won't unnecessarily lag.

3. Green Hosting

DreamHost is one of the web host providers that are trying to be environmentally friendly. They claim to be making conscious efforts to reduce the impact they have on natural resources through their data centers.

These include cooling infrastructure and power-efficient processors operating on electricity generated through renewable resources. They have also collaborated on various clean wind programs at the state level.

4. Customer Support

Their customer support is not only reliable but responsive as well. They provide 24/7 customer service for website owners.

How is DreamHost Pricing?

DreamHost has a wide variety of hosting services to choose from, like- VPS Hosting, Shared Hosting, Cloud Hosting, and WordPress Hosting.

How is DreamHost Pricing?

1. Shared Hosting Plans

Shared Hosting at DreamHost starts from $2.59 per month for a shared starter for a website which is quite affordable for a small business as it is inclusive of all the features you need for your website.

At this range, it will provide you with a website, a free-of-cost domain name, and an SSL certificate. It will also have pre-installed WordPress and free automated WordPress Migrations.

2. VPS Hosting Plans

VPS Basic- This plan is ideal for small websites. Along with unlimited traffic and websites, you will get 1 GB Ram, 30 GB SSD storage, and an SSL certificate for $10.00 per month.

VPS Business- VPS Business starts at $20.00 per month for small businesses. Along with the features of VPS Basic, you will get 2 GB Ram and 60 GB SSD storage.

VPS Professional- Starting at $40.00 per month, this plan will offer 4 GB Ram and 120 GB SSD storage with an SSL certificate.

VPS Enterprise- Offering maximum Ram and storage- with 8 GB Ram and 240 GB SSD storage along with an SSL certificate, the VPS Enterprise plan starts at $80.00 per month.

3. WordPress Hosting Plans

DreamHost is one of the few web hosting recommended by WordPress. These plans provide you with pre-installed WordPress, Automated WordPress Migrations, and WordPress Site Builder.

WordPress Basic- $2.59 per month

DreamPress- $16.95 per month

Dreamhost vs Bluehost?




Shared Hosting

One shared hosting plan- includes free domain, unlimited bandwidth and SSL Certificate.

Various shared hosting plans-  includes free domain, unlimited bandwidth and SSL Certificate.

VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting plans offer up to 8 GB RAM and 240 GB Storage.

VPS Hosting plans offer up to 8 GB RAM.

Dedicated Hosting

9 Hosting plans with 4 core and 12 core processors, 2 TB HDD Storage.

Plans with 4 cores and up to 1 TB storage.

Cloud Hosting

Starts at $4.50 per month for 100 GB storage.

Starts at $9.99 per month for 2GB RAM and 100GB storage.

Uptime Guarantee

100% Guarantee

99.9% Guarantee

Money- Back Guarantee

97- days Money back Guarantee on Hosting plans.

30- Days Money Back Guarantee on Hosting plans.

Customer Support

24/7/365 Customer Support- Extra fee for Call Back, Live Chat and Email.

24/7/365 Customer Support- Live Chat, Email, Phone, Messages and member-only forum.


DreamHost is a hosting service provider that offers great features and tools. Some of the best features of DreamHost are its 24/7 support, unlimited bandwidth, and free SSL certificate.

If you're looking for more information on DreamHost or other hosting providers, explore our blog and get the insights to make your website dreamy!

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