What is Calendly?

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By Zekeriya Mulbay

If you’re still using old-school paper calendars, texting, or mailing everybody to schedule a meeting, event, or appointment time, it’s time to take your productivity next level.

Operating in this manner is not only a hassle for you, your team, and your customers but also inefficient and unprofessional.

Do you need help?

Keep reading to learn why you need an online scheduling tool like Calendly.

Why do You Need Calendly Meeting Scheduling Tool?

If you run a business, you probably schedule many meetings. Keeping these meetings on track and ensuring they’re as productive as possible is essential.

Manual arrangements may work if you’re scheduling one-on-one meetings but not so smart if you’re scheduling more than 3 meetings in a day or larger team meetings.

Finding the most convenient time after hours of texting for everybody will make it more difficult to track everyone’s availability.

If your team members are not using a scheduling tool, they are at the edge of overcommitting and missing important meetings.

Why do You Need Calendly Meeting Scheduling Tool?

Additionally, losing track of meetings because of arrangement inefficiency may cause losing some clients.

A scheduling tool like Calendly will make it much easier to schedule and keep track of your team members’ and clients’ availability. Make booking easy for them to see what’s on for the week.

How to Set Up and Use Calendly

  • Get an account with your email, Google or Microsoft Account. It‘s free.
  • Connect your calendar to Calendly. The tool has integrations with Google Calendar, Outlook, Microsoft Office, iCloud and more.
  • Choose your preset events or customize a new one for you. Calendly offers three preset event types 15 mins, 30 mins, and 60 mins.
How to Set Up and Use Calendly
  • Edit the name, description, and availability.
  • Send the link to your business partner. Also, you can embed a Calendly link on your website to schedule a meeting with your potential customers. The automated system schedules it by itself.

Is Calendly Free?

Yes! Calendly is a free scheduling tool with a Basic plan. No need to pay anything to get started using Calendly. However, some features are provided only with paid membership.

 Is Calendly Free?

Even though you’re not paying for a Basic plan, you can still get a lot of value. So, there’s no reason not to sign up and try it out yourself. Moreover, you can get a 14-day trial for your team and see if it works for you.

Top Tips and Tricks to Get the Most Out of Calendly

  • Schedule a meeting with less effort. Group, recurring, and multiple user meetings are more manageable!
  • Calendly has many integrations like LinkedIn, Zoom, Slack, Zapier, Paypal, and Google Meet. Make use of them, and don’t lose time fixing everything up.
  • Connect your all calendars and manage them all in one.
  • Automate reminders to take the questions of meeting time off in your mind. Set details and get notified on time. Like an assistant!
  • Recurring meetings are more accessible with Calendly. For instance, apply meeting time to all Tuesdays.
more accessible with Calendly
  • See and display your availability. No need to text and wait for an answer to arrange a meeting. It is the same for the opposite. Set your unavailable time.
  • No need to calculate the time difference for long-distance meetings. Calendly displays the timezone of both users.

In the internet age, you need to automate wherever possible and keep things efficient. Scheduling is one of those things that needs to be streamlined.

Give a chance to Calendly and upgrade your business!

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