Upwork Job Ideas for Beginners

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By Zekeriya Mulbay

Looking for a job but don't know where to start? Get the best Upwork job ideas to help you land your dream job with the most talented people on the planet.

Upwork is one of the most demanding freelancer platforms, where clients and freelancers show perseverance and diligence. It has become a solid competitor of freelancer industries like Fiverr, Freelancer, and PeoplePerHour.

The clients on Upwork post jobs of various categories, but the pay depends on what sort of skill you offer. Moreover, beginners are usually perplexed about how they can start earning on Upwork with easy freelancer jobs. Reviews on your profile play a crucial role in your successful freelance journey on Upwork.

To help you make a better decision, we've compiled a list of 7 beginner-friendly projects from Upwork's site that will introduce you to this opportunity. Check them out now!

Furthermore, there are lucrative jobs on Upwork, like WordPress, Web-development, Copywriting, etc. However, we have a list of freelance jobs that are coherent and easy-going on Upwork, which sounds suitable for beginners and the best way to start making money.

Characteristics of Easy Jobs on Upwork

We have figured out some features of easy freelance jobs on Upwork.

Characteristics of Easy Jobs on Upwork

Let's check them out.

Short term

Most of the easy jobs on Upwork are not long-term. This means you will not repeatedly work unless it is time-consuming and repetitive.

Outsourced work

Most of the clients outsource these easy tasks to freelancers because they are repetitive and time-consuming to their business.

Low-price work

Most of the time, these tasks are low paying. However, it depends on what sort of jobs you are applying to.

More Competition

These job applications can pile up within minutes. Make sure you apply for jobs that have less than 50 proposals; it will most likely increase your chances.

How to identify Easy jobs on Upwork?

Upwork is the backyard of beginner to expert jobs. But for the initial stage, it would be progressive for the initial stage bidding on easy jobs because there is more chance for you to land your first job on Upwork.

Moreover, you can also reckon jobs from categories like Graphic designing, WordPress, or any other skillset.

Let's check out how you can find easy jobs on Upwork without any obstacles. Here are some key terms you can rely on and rummage in the search bar.

  • Requiring Newbies.
  • Payment Verified so that you won't get scammed by any means.
  • Less to no experience.
  • Search for entry-level jobs.
  • Apply for jobs that require fewer "connects" for proposal submission.
  • The applications related to jobs like social media marketing, i.e., Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Upwork is a safe place to accelerate your freelance journey. However, you are still vulnerable to fraud. Here are some tips regarding which jobs you should not apply for.

  • The payment method is not verified.
  • The client hiring rate is 0%.
  • If the client asks you to pay fees to start the work, this is a pure scam.

How to get work on Upwork with no experience?

Are you new to Upwork and lacking in experience? Well, no worries. We'll untangle this thread in this phase of our blog.

Getting your first job at Upwork might sound fantastic, but it can be gruelling. Moreover, Upwork has strict rules and policies; violating them would let you face the music later.

"Even the greatest was once a beginner. Don't be afraid to take that first step."-Muhammad Ali.

Let's check out how you can get the best freelance jobs with no experience on Upwork; follow our footsteps and guidance.

1. Set up your profile

No matter what services you are offering, you can ruin the chances of getting jobs if your profile isn't up to the mark.

Search for other profiles that are offering the same services as yours. Moreover, you can test different components on your profile like Title and Hourly Rate to see which get you more views. Most clients on Upwork do hire talents with low hourly rates, but it won't get you much pay.

However, you can try optimizing both your title and hourly rates for invitations and views.

2. Profile Picture

Your profile picture says a lot about you. A good profile picture will boost your chances. It gives a good impression and builds a good reputation with clients; it is one of the first things clients notice when hiring you.

Furthermore, try clicking a good smiling and professional picture and set it up on your profile. You will sound unprofessional with a gawky, grainy, and unsmiling picture. With that, the clients wouldn't recommend working with you.

3. Try hunting for small jobs

Small jobs pay you less, and most of the time, it is a one-time contract. We urge you to try applying for those jobs.

Once you get your first job, try getting good remarks and ratings on your profile. It would help you get more jobs on Upwork and make a boatload of money. The money flows once you are noticeable by potential clients.

4. Maintain your portfolio

No client would hire without checking your past or any relevant work. No experience? No testimonials? No reviews on your portfolio? No problem. Samples can stimulate your career and increase the chances of landing your job.

If you are a graphic designer, you practice making logos, flyers, broachers, etc., and save the best adequate ones with you. You can attach them to the relevant job post. It would help you and increase your chances of that specific job.

5. Don't show you are thirsty

It's an adrenaline feeling when a client approaches and invites you to an interview. But, if you cannot answer them correctly and make them think, you are too desperate. All your efforts will go in vain.

In addition, you need to show you are the right candidate for this job position and will deliver everything on time.

6. Maintain activity

Staying active on Upwork is the crucial thing. You can't sprout your profile growth by adding a title and description. You must keep thriving and apply for jobs daily. Moreover, Upwork sends you 10-free connections every month if your connections are low in numbers.

Furthermore, it would help if you start nourishing your cover letter style. Read job descriptions thoroughly and mention the client's pain points in your cover letter.

The Best Upwork Jobs for Beginners

As mentioned above, Upwork has a deluge of daily jobs, and clients are mainly looking to get their job done at a low-pay rate. Here we have listed seven jobs on Upwork, which you can reckon apply.

Without further ado, let's hear them, respectively.

Data Entry

This job sounds perfect if you are starting on Upwork. It is simply because you must transcribe or enter the date into a spreadsheet or a computer database.

Data Entry

There are several data entry jobs on Upwork, so it wouldn't be difficult for you to find a potential client and get up to $5-15 per hour in this category.

Article or Blog Writing

Article or blog writing is the sub-category of content writing. It is not that much complicated to learn and deliver.

Article or Blog Writing

You can watch YouTube videos, read books and blogs on the internet to perfect your writing style and make it more captivating for the reader. Besides this, you can learn keyword research, which is the rudimentary part of SEO. It would be more beneficial for you.

In this category, you can easily make $0.3-0.5$ per word, or you can work on an hourly rate, too.

Email writing

Email marketing is one of the popular sub-categories of copywriting. In which you write diverting marketing mail that would be sent to different inboxes of people. The client's profit depends on the click and sales rate through that email.

As a writer, you can learn email copywriting and help companies or individuals to increase sales and promote their products. Besides this, you can also practice sale page copies, sales letters, and landing pages.

Transcription Jobs

You'll be hired to transfer or write audio files into a word document in this category. The pay depends on a per-project or how long the audio is. It is usually $0.25-0.5 per minute of audio.

There are plenty of jobs available in this niche, so there is a better chance to make more money.

Websites and Mobile Applications Tester

The Website and Applications tester is an exquisite freelance job, as it requires less effort and is easy to work.

Clients will hire you to test their websites and mobile apps. Sometimes, record it and make an accurate and brief report on it. The pay rate is approximately $5-20 per test or project.

Native Language Jobs

If you are a native German, French, or Turkish besides English, the job will suit you. Most of the people on Upwork are native English speakers, but if you can speak or write besides English, it would be salutary for you.

Moreover, you can search by language in the search bar. There could be jobs like "Write an article in German," which would be only possible if you are a native German speaker.

Voice Recordings

Do you have a good speaking style? If yes, then got a good chance of making money in this niche. In this niche, the voice-overs are handed over a script, audiobook, or even a movie; they speak and generate a message through that provided document.

Voice Overs are allowed to use different software like Adobe Audition and submit the final draft. In addition, high-quality microphones are helpful for you to record exquisite recordings.

Drawbacks of Easy Jobs on Upwork

The easy jobs on Upwork aren't much disadvantageous. However, there are a few drawbacks, too.

Let's hear them out!

  • Many experts can dogpile on these jobs, decreasing the chances of beginners.
  • Clients are looking to get their job done on a low budget in these jobs.
  • These jobs don't guarantee a long-term relationship with clients.


Nothing is worthless on this planet, and it is a similar case with Upwork. You won't get a penny without a proper portfolio, profile, and discipline. Moreover, you can apply for jobs like email marketing, article writing, voice-over, and data entry which are competitive but easier to learn.

Before starting out, you must be aware of the rules and policies of Upwork. So, you won’t face any music later on.

Questions to Answer

What is a good hourly rate on Upwork?

As a beginner, you should start with a low hourly rate, i.e., $5. However, the hourly rate depends on what service you are offering. Once you get good reviews and ratings on your profile, you can increase the hourly rate.

The average web developer on Upwork charges approximately $15-$30/hour. Also, content writers on Upwork usually work around a $25 hourly rate.

How long does it take to get a job on Upwork?

Getting a job on Upwork is a hard pill to swallow as a beginner. But it takes time. It might take a year or even a few months. It all depends on how'd you approach and manage.

You first need to focus on your skill and build a portfolio and profile to get your first contract.

Is Upwork Legit?

The best part of this freelancer platform is that freelancers have lower chances of getting scammed. Upwork has a solid and secure payment system and 24/7 customer care service, making it more legit and safer to work with.

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