What is Fiverr, and How does it work?

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By Zekeriya Mulbay

You may be dwindling on your 9-5 job, but have you ever wondered?

You are incarcerated to it, however, freelancing on Fiverr reassures you to live the life you want. With that said, Fiverr belongs to Israel – a marketplace where individuals can have the freedom to open temporary or permanent businesses.

Fiverr was officially launched 12 years ago in February 2010 by Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger. The platform connects every business from every corner of the globe.

Moreover, it has over 830,000 sellers and 5.5 million buyers. There are currently over 3-million gigs posted, starting from 1.2 million between 2010 and 2012.

In 2021, Fiverr generated over $277-286 million, increasing 46-50% from the last year. It shows the number keeps on getting higher for Fiverr!

Every company has tirades. In the next part, we'll demystify how Fiverr works, the pros/cons, and many other things. Without further ado, let's dive into it.

Chapter 1

How does Fiverr work?

Fiverr is a cost-effective platform to get any service most cheaply. Fiverr had inaugurated the gig policy on a limited number of $5. However, Fiverr updated this rule and allowed freelancers to demand whatever they desired.

Perhaps, you are a new seller; we recommend you start at $5 and, later, increase the prices of your gig.

Not only Fiverr is one of the biggest freelance industries, but also it is the easiest one. Working on Fiverr wouldn't cost you an arm or leg. The user first registers themselves as a buyer or seller. The sellers set up their profiles according to their traits to make bucks through their gigs.

You won't be taken as a trusty seller if your profile isn't up to your skillset.

The gig prices can vary from $5 to any amount ($1,000). Previously, it was only limited to $5, as we have already mentioned above.

There are no sceptics about how flexible Fiverr is. It gives both buyer and seller the privilege to work whenever they are comfortable.

The freelancers offer many services, with more than 500 categories. There are numerous skillsets on Fiverr; let's scout them.

  • Digital Marketing (Involves SEO, Affiliate Marketing, Advertising)
  • Graphics and Design (Involves logo designing, Game Art, Business cards and stationery, etc.)
  • Writing and Translation (Involves Content writing, blog post, eBook, Business copy, etc.)
  • Video and Animation (Involves video editing, short video ads, logo animation, etc.)
  • Music and Audio (Involves Voice Over, Sound Design, Online Music lessons, etc.)
  • Programming and Tech (Involves WordPress, Game Development, Electronic Engineering, etc.)
  • Data (Involves Data engineering, data entry, Databases, etc.)
  • Business (Involves Legal consulting, E-commerce management, Market Research, etc.)
  • Lifestyle (Involves Fitness Lesson, Wellness, Life coaching, Craft lessons, etc.)

Above all, the most popular categories are Web design, WordPress, NFT Art, and Logo design. On the other hand, NFT services rapidly grew from the third to the fourth quarter of 2021 by 278%. So, NFT Art is one of the latest skillsets you can learn in this era for a passive income on Fiverr. Additionally, there is a 20% fee for every order.

Chapter 2

How legit is Fiverr?

Nevertheless, Fiverr is a legit place to deal. It provides comfort to both sellers and buyers. The 24/7 customer care service helps you in an enmeshed situation anywhere and anytime.

You can instantly report the buyer/seller if you find something illegal or disobey the Fiverr policies.

Have you heard "One filthy fish spoils the whole pond"? That's the same case with Fiverr.

Sellers often create problems for the buyer. The buyer gets deceived by the reviews on the gig and the 5-star review.

The buyer must consult the seller before ordering any package, or else you may face the music. What should you ask the seller?

  • Ask them to provide their past work.
  • Clear your doubts with the seller; if it seems suspicious, don't order.
  • Check the negative reviews instead of the positive ones.

Chapter 3

Why Use Fiverr?

Fiverr allows you to connect your business with the most trusty and reliable sellers. After the corona pandemic, humans are facing severe financial issues. So, it's better to start a side hustle that only requires Wi-Fi and a laptop/PC.

Fiverr provides you with an opportunity to showcase your skills and help many people around you. Moreover, there are Fiverr courses, from where you can learn any skill at a minimum cost. The best thing about the courses is, there is no monthly fee. You only pay once for the course. It includes the following popular practices.

  • SEO
  • Photoshop
  • Freelancing
  • eCommerce
  • Social Media

Fiverr doesn't only provide you with a platform to earn but to learn, as well.

Chapter 4

Pros and Cons of Fiverr

Fiverr allow buyers to come by themselves. You only have to set up a gig.

But, the buyer gets trapped by description, ratings, and reviews.



  • More than 545 employees are working, providing 24/7 customer care service.
  • For buyers Fiverr has a 2% fee for every order. And again for buyers, it's 2$ on each order between 5$ to 40$. If the demand exceeds 40$, there is a 5% charge.
  • Find any service for $5.
  • Fake reviews. 
  • Work with the best sellers, like Fiverr Pro. 
  • The buyer gets trapped by description, ratings, and reviews. 
  • Flexible and reliable platform. 

  • Gig extras to earn more on your service by providing buyers additional features. 

  • Fiverr allow buyers to come by themselves. You only have to set up a gig. 

Chapter 5

Top 10 Categories of Fiverr

It's about delivering exemplary work to your customer. It doesn't matter whether you are a writer or an NFT art expert. We shall now discuss the top 10 categories of Fiverr, those which could be on your to-do list.

Are you confused about the starting point?

As a new seller, it may be inconceivable for you. There are a lot of successful gigs on Fiverr, from which freelancers are making passive income and making their living better.

Let's hear them!

Logo Design

Logo designing is an old niche you can learn today. As the world is becoming a marketplace itself, many new companies and industries hire freelancers to design them a logo.

On Fiverr, you can find a logo designer for just $5 to even $100 per logo. However, you must practice your skills to become a successful logo designer.

Web Design

The freelancers of the Web designing category had the maximum side hustle of $700 per project. Moreover, it is one of the most researched categories on Fiverr. As a seller, you may be generating a lot of bucks by offering this service to buyers.

Business Card Design

Business cards are still some of the popular categories of Fiverr. Business cards are expensive, so new business owners look for freelancers. If you are a new business, Fiverr is the best place to get yourself a business for just $5.

Other than that, you can charge an additional fee for two-sided designs.

WordPress Development

WordPress is another top-rated skill of Fiverr. The best thing about this skill is it is easy to learn and practice. People from every corner are investing in WordPress development. You can start learning this skill right now!

Content Writing

It is one of the most profitable gigs on Fiverr; as a buyer, you can get a 1000-word blog written for just $5. But be sure from whom you are ordering. A lot of sellers can deliver gawky work. Make sure you check the past work of the service provider.


Copywriting is one of the fastest-growing gigs on Fiverr right now. It's a little bit complex to learn. You can provide sale page copy, sales letters, email marketing, and web content to clients. You shouldn't risk your marketing copies to inexperienced copywriters as a buyer. In addition, some copywriters earn up to $250 per hour.

Digital Marketer

As a digital marketer, you have to take your client business to another level. Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are popular social media sites where potential customers can drive into your client's business. So, you can help your client's business reach the landmark they are looking for by posting exquisite content on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Mobile App Development

Making a gig in this niche can get you some handsome amount in a single order. If you are a software developer, this category might suit you the best on Fiverr. You can start with low rates and win a few projects. After that, you can increase the prices of your gig.

Video Animation

Video animation is one of the vast categories on Fiverr. The 2D and 3D animations are both contra to each other. The 2D animation is done hand-drawn and frame by frame. While there is specific software for 3D animations for manipulating the objects. A freelancer can generate passive income by completing a few orders in a month.


Good at drawing? Then, you can be the enthralling-best seller on Fiverr. Illustrations can be applied to magazine covers, books, advertisements, newspapers, and greeting cards. If you have a good grip on creative art and designs, you can start showcasing your skills at Fiverr.

Chapter 6

How to start selling on Fiverr?

Starting on Fiverr isn't rocket science. Anyone from anywhere can start selling their services on Fiverr. But not keeping the rules in mind would be a tale of woe in the end. We'll guide you step-by-step on how you can start selling on Fiverr right now!

Register to Fiver

The first step is to set up your Fiverr account by signing with your Google mail, Facebook, or just registering.

Validate your email

You need to validate your email. Navigate to the profile page after the validation.

Create your first gig

You'll see a green button that navigates you to create your first gig. We have created content about creating gigs which can be found here.

Here are a few tips:

  • Add details about what you are going to sell -the skillset. And write the description according to it.
  • There will be a "share gigs option" on the seller dashboard; tap it and start creating your first gig on Fiver.
  • Make sure you read other gigs similar to your skillset. Please don't copy other gigs' descriptions, which is against Fiverr policy. You can grab similar ideas, tags, keywords, and pricing.
  • Don't advertise any other links on your Fiverr gig or your portfolio; Fiverr will remove the gig or ask you to edit it.
  • In addition, there is a "buyer request" option available. In this, the buyers post a purchase request. The wording you use should indicate that you'll provide a service, not just promote your gigs.

It's not daunting to get your first order. Using the low-competitive keywords in your gig description and title will rank and get more traffic.

It doesn't matter which service you are offering. Fiverr has millions of buyers in line. The more you stay positive, dogged, and try strenuously, it will help you build a potential relationship with your clients.

Chapter 7

How to get more sales on Fiverr?

Created a gig and left for months doing nothing, won't get you a single dollar.

You must use spellbound images in your gig, the primary should be the most perfect one. It will attract buyers and make them click on your gig..

Moreover, you can publish your gig link on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Don't forget to use the proper tags on your gig, and they are an integral part of Fiverr research.

If you get your first order, make sure you complete it on time. Otherwise, it can lead to a negative review. A negative review can sabotage the whole reputation of your profile plus your gig. It is the final nail in the coffin.

In addition, communicate well with your buyer to sound more professional and make them trust your service. Maintain a good response time and be humble to them.

Chapter 8

Questions to Answer

What is Fiverr Pro?

What is Fiverr Select?

Can you get scammed on Fiverr?

Seller levels on Fiverr

Can you make a full-time living on Fiverr?

What is Fiverr Pro?

Fiverr Pro is a group of elite freelancers. If you want to hire professionals for your project, Fiverr Pro is an ideal choice for you. To become a Fiverr Pro on Fiverr, the candidate must apply. After that, Fiverr management reviews the application, and the further procedure begins.

As a Fiverr Pro seller, you'll have the muckamuck environment and get your payments instantly. Furthermore, every gig will have a Fiverr Pro badge on it.

What is Fiverr Select?

Fiverr select is another badge given to buyers. If any buyer has this crown badge, they are recognized as convenient, focused, and experienced buyers. With this, the seller would be dealing with a respectable Fiverr buyer.

Can you get scammed on Fiverr? Can Fiverr be trusted?

Fiverr won't be scamming you, but the sellers. The rules and the policy are trustworthy. It would be best not to delude by fake reviews or 5-star ratings on gigs as a buyer. Some sellers would be offering $5 on a single project, which is more worthy. Beware of such sellers.

Does it cost money to use Fiverr? Is Fiverr free to join?

Nope, there are no hidden fees to use Fiverr and no registration fee. Although Fiverr has 20% on every order you win, i.e., you will get $8 for a $10 project.

How does Fiverr work for beginners?

Fiverr is a pretty good choice for beginners. Anyone from anywhere can start offering their services starting from $5.

What are the seller levels on Fiverr?

There are beginner and three seller levels on Fiverr, achieved by perseverance and diligently. Let's check out what are the requirements of these levels.

Level 1

  • Complete ten orders over your gigs and earn a minimum of up to $400.
  • Maintain a 4.7-star rating for 60-days.
  • Maintain a 90% response rate, delivery time, and order completion for 60-days.
  • Be an active seller for 60-days and receive no warnings over 30-days.

Level 2

  • Complete ten orders over your gigs and earn a minimum of up to $2000.
  • Maintain a 4.7-star rating for 60 days.
  • Maintain a 90% response rate, delivery time, and order completion for 60-days.
  • Be an active seller for 120-days and receive no warnings over 30-days.

Top-rated seller

  • Complete 100 orders your gigs and earn a minimum of up to $20,000.
  • Maintain a 4.7-star rating for 60-days.
  • Maintain a 90% response rate, delivery time, and order completion for 60-days.
  • Be an active seller for 180-days and receive no warnings over 30-days.

What are the benefits of seller levels on Fiverr?

Can you make a full-time living on Fiverr?

Yes, anyone can make a full-time income from Fiverr. Moreover, experts prophecies that the majority of the workforce in the United States will be freelancers.

What are the most profitable Fiverr niches?

Web designing, Graphic designing, Video Animation, WordPress, Game Development, and Programming are some of the most profitable Fiverr niches. In addition, we have also listed them above.

What is the buyer's request?

The buyer request allows the buyers to send a request regarding their task. The sellers submit their offers through this; the buyer reviews the proposal and accepts (if they find it suitable).

Can you buy Fiverr reviews?

Nope, you can't buy Fiverr reviews. These are not purchasable. Instead, you can get a 5-star rating and a good review by delivering excellent work to your clients.

Is there a Fiverr Affiliate program?

Yes. The Fiverr affiliate program gives us a 10% commission on every product and service we sub-affiliates. You can choose any service and advertise it online to get a commission (if it sells).

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