How to Create a Perfect Freelancer Profile on Upwork in 2022

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By Zekeriya Mulbay

Are you still wondering why clients not responding to your job proposals? Your profile may be one of the obstacles in it.

The question is how to create a profile on Upwork that helps you get hired faster and let clients trust your service. There are over 202,971 available jobs presently on Upwork with more than 10,000 skills. It is one of the largest freelance platforms, with more than $3.3 billion earned by the community in 2021.

"It is a rough road that leads to the heights of greatness."—Lucius Annaeus Seneca.

Moreover, potential clients won't even come near you if your profile showcases bland and humdrum features.

As a beginner freelancer on Upwork, you should avoid shenanigans activities and focus on the more legit way of becoming a successful freelancer.

Upwork has different rules and policies, making it eminent from other freelance platforms. Besides this, there are over 53 million freelancers from the USA who contributed over $700 billion to the country's economy.

freelance platforms

Most freelancers reck their brains and cannot find the solution to getting hired. Perhaps, they haven't ornamented their profiles with a good title, portfolio, and professional overview for Upwork. These are some primary things you should correct.

Most importantly, you should get your account approved first. Upwork is a land of top-notch freelancers and clients working on the site, so they have set up these criteria.

In this blog, we'll guide you with our best tips on how to stand out on Upwork and get better results.

Without further ado, let's dive into the next phase of our article.

How to Create a Profile on Upwork in Short?

Freelancers can sign up on Upwork just with an email address, but can’t apply for job proposals if the profile isn’t approved.

Check out this article for more info on how to get your profile approved on Upwork.

Professional Looking Profile Picture

A good profile picture helps you build a reputation on Upwork and let your upcoming clients trust you.

Suppose you are an interviewer and receive a cover letter with a selfie on the top. Would you even reckon that individual? Of course, not. Because the picture isn't what it should be.

Let's see how your picture should be.

Casual Clothing

Dress up for an interview. A simple white T-shirt, pants, and black coat would be good enough. Or you can go casual.

Smiling Picture

A good profile picture will create a spell-bounding effect on your clients. Place the camera in front of your face and smile right into it.

Good Lighting

Bad lighting wouldn't reflect your image. It won't look pleasing at all. Find good lighting for a better and more reflecting picture to make it more visible to the clients. Natural sunlight will give your image a wholesome feeling.

Background of the picture

Don't upload a model-like picture on Upwork; you're not applying for a photoshoot. You can prefer uploading a white or blue background picture.

These were some aspects of a professional profile picture for your Upwork account.

Enthralling Job Title

A great job title tells everything about you. An optimized job title would help you stand out on Upwork. Moreover, it will help clients find the right individual for their projects.

A job title can get you numerous clients and demean your profile. It depends on what sort of title you type.

Let's see what we have here.

Interesting Job Title Example

Making your job title too tedious or short won't make it sound appealing. So, it's better to have a concise three to four-word title.

Interesting Job Title Example

It's about telling your clients about your expertise on Upwork, not just the category you work. Let’s see Upwork title examples below:

Exciting job title example

This is undoubtedly an exciting job title example. It is simple, brief, and demystifies the exact expertise of the freelancer.

Let's check out another one.

Search engine optimization expertise

The above example showcases that the freelancer is a content writer with blogging and search engine optimization expertise.

Moreover, if you are a Graphic Designer, you can have expertise in logo designing and other similar subcategories.

Uninteresting Job Title Examples

Making your Job title too tedious or short will be disadvantageous for your profile. A short title would look mind-numbing to read.

The job title should be unique and speaks to your clients. Let's check out what are the not-interesting job title with some examples.

Uninteresting Job Title Examples

The title below looks odd and gawky but doesn't relate to the expertise. Make sure you don't write that way.

How to make your job title looks interesting?

This question might have popped up in your brain. There are top-rated beginner freelancers currently working on Upwork.

You can rummage in the search bar for talents related to your field and get an idea.

Enchanting Profile Overview

Writing an excellent profile overview is brief know-how of your skillset, how you work, and your achievements. So, how and what to write in a professional overview in Upwork?

There is no rocket science in writing a profile overview on your Upwork profile, but it requires some sense. It should be compelling enough which mentions how you can resolve clients' problems and improve their lives.

Most clients don't have much time to go through your portfolio and stuff. They rifle through your profile and get to know you better. If your profile seems simple, there is no possible way for you to get a job quickly.

Are you still struggling with how to write an Upwork profile overview in a much easier way? No worries, we’ve got your back!

Let's see what the vital components for a professional profile overview for Upwork are.

Seek their attention

The primary part of your profile overview is to grab the client's attention. You can mention the client's primary goal or problem as a hook at the beginning of the paragraph.

Discuss your skills

The second part describes your skills and how you prefer to work. You can mention which software you use and other related stuff.

Find them a solution

As we mentioned above, you can state any common problem and list down the solutions of how you'll solve them if they hire you.

Past Experience

At last, you can spice it with some of your experience. For example, "Worked at XYZ company for more than 3-years" or related to the field.

In addition, you should end your profile overview with a call-to-action message. Discuss your availability and drive them in your inbox section!

Let's check out the overview Upwork example:

Past Experience

The above profile overview mentions three key points, experience, skillset, and how you can solve the client's problem using PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, etc. There are more Upwork bio examples of other vetted freelancers. You can take notes from those profiles, too.

Suitable Hourly Rates

Hourly rates do matter a lot. Clients on Upwork are usually looking for individuals with low-hourly rates. But it doesn't mean you should be doing every job for just a $5 hourly rate. Most of the nonserious freelancers offer low-price tags on a high ticket.

So, it's better to put reasonable rates on your profile. Most beginner freelancers put $3 as their hourly rates, it is not a considerable rate in today's era. That is why they lack time to get potential clients.

Suitable Hourly Rates

What are the average hourly rates of different categories on Upwork?

  • Content writing (Mostly article writing and blogging) – $16 average hourly rates.
  • Programming (Includes MySQL, HTML, PHP, etc.) - $25 average hourly rates.
  • Finance (Includes Investment banking, Finance director, writer, etc.) - $26 average hourly rates.
  • Web and Graphic designing (Include Logo designing, Web designing, etc.) - $16 average hourly rates.
  • Customer Support (Includes Translation, Administration, Management, etc.) - $15 average hourly rates.
  • Marketing (Includes Digital Marketing, copywriting, etc.) - $26 average hourly rates.

As a beginner, you can start with low-hourly rates, but not too low. For example, if you are a content writer, $5 or $10 hourly rates would suit the starting prices.

Once, you get splendid reviews and ratings on your profile. You can increase your hourly rates.

Portfolio to display your skills

A relevant portfolio is required for your profile to look more attractive. Your profile won't sprout up without a decent-looking portfolio. It will help you win more jobs and potential clients on Upwork.

You can create a portfolio using Upwork builder, which has three templates.

  • Gallery
  • Case Study
  • Classic

A gallery will be an ideal choice if you are a graphic designer. It will display your logo, broachers, flyers, and other related designs in a meaningful manner. For writing purposes, case studies sound good. Furthermore, you should at least include one portfolio item.

Portfolio to display your skills

Moreover, it makes your profile stand out in Upwork search results. Also, you will have something to rationalize your skills to your upcoming clients. A good portfolio will help your portfolio be more eminent than other profiles.

All these templates have different functionality to showcase your work to your clients. You can offer discounts, but don't offer them free work. It would be best if you didn't show them you are desperate but seeking experience.

In addition, you can give reassurance to clients by presenting a story of your skillset. Most of the content writers have additional skills in WordPress and Copywriting. You can create different portfolios in these categories to show them how multitalented you are.

Expressive Video Introduction

The short video introduction makes your profile notable and appealing to others. The great thing about this is that you don't need any video editing skills. It should be simple and clarify you in just 60-seconds.

Coincidently, the Upwork video introduction is a remarkable way for you to create individual connections with your clients.

Moreover, most clients don't have much time to review your profile overview. The sixty seconds brief video introduction would make everything clear. This is one of the reasons why a client would prefer to work with you.

Clients are always seeking freelancers who can help them out and not exacerbate the conditions.

Expressive Video Introduction

In this section of our blog, we'll talk about what should be the key elements of your video introduction and how you can make it better. Without further ado, let's dive into it step by step.

Prepare a script

It will help you speak fluently during your video. If you are a non-native speaker, writing a script before coming in front of the camera would help you communicate more accurately and won't let you stammer.

Moreover, state why hiring you is a lucrative investment and provides them value.

Start your video with an introduction. Tell your clients what services you offer, your experience, and a little bit of your know-how. It can be 10 to 15 seconds part, depending on you. Write it exceptional and in different styles.

Prepare a script

The second part describes your skillset, accomplishments, roles, educational background, and what sort of projects you are comfortable working in. You can explain all these in 20 seconds.

Furthermore, talk about why they should work with you? Why should they prefer you over others? These are the questions; you can answer in your video.

The last part talks about business, and if you have a team behind your back, you can acknowledge them about it. At last, end everything with a conclusion part.

Set up your video

The second step is to find a suitable environment for your video. It doesn't matter if you have a high megapixel camera or if you are shooting it with your mobile camera. It just needs to be perfect.

While shooting, try dressing up formally, not like weekends. Your attire matters a lot.

Set up your video

Grab your instrument and sit in a quiet place where your acquaintances can't disturb you while you start recording. If any sound erupts during your video, it will distract clients and break the engagement.

Also, find a place with suitable lighting. It would make your face more noticeable in the video. We recommend buying a ring light for your video, and it will help you record better.

Start recording your video

Now, it's time to record your video. Place the camera or phone in front of your face and look right into the lens. Speak like you are talking to a client in real with confidence and present yourself. Show them you are ardent for their hiring and not balked at any work.

Click the start button and record with a rollicking smile!

Review your video

It's splendid if you have recorded your introductory video. Now, the last and crucial step is to review your recorded clip.

Check the following things before uploading your video.

·       Make sure you hear your voice.

·       Make sure your video is not buffering.

·       Check the background of the video. Is it okay to be represented?

Upload your video

You can't directly upload your intro video on Upwork; it should be uploaded to YouTube first.

Upload your video

Your video will be reviewed by the community of Upwork and then uploaded to your profile.

Adding Skillset, Employment History, and Educational Background

Skillset, Work experience, and educational background all come together. Your skillset defines what sort of service you are going to provide them.

You can add up to 10-skills to your category. Skillset is the combination of expertise, knowledge, and how things work. If you are a blogger, you can choose these subcategories of your primary skillset.

Adding Skillset

Moreover, you can add relevant work experience and any employment history. With this, the client would recognize you as an experienced freelancer and undoubtedly hire you for their projects. Also, you can add certifications to your profile to build a solid reputation of your profile.

Adding Skillset, Employment History, and Educational Background

Besides this, you can add specialized profiles, which is a separate profiles of your selected category.

In addition, your educational background will make you sound scrupulous and helps you in profile completeness. Be coherent and be related to your work experience.


Are you not getting any testimonials on Upwork? No problem, Upwork gives you the privilege to request reviews on your profile from your local clients, too.

You must know the client's first and last name, business email address, client's LinkedIn profile link (required), and Client title and project type (optional).


You can boost your profile converging rates with testimonials from clients outside of Upwork. Testimonials also play a significant role in getting potential clients. Good reviews on your profile will foster clients to recommend you to a different audience.


Moreover, if you can land jobs on Upwork and get good reviews, that would be enough to get more jobs and get paid on a high note!

Profile Completeness >100%

You won't receive rising talent or any other badge with profile completeness. So, it's better to have your profile 100% complete

Profile Completeness

Let's see what is required to get your profile completed!

  • Adding your past work to your profile will add 20% to your profile completeness.
  • Adding an education background and skills will add 10% to your profile completeness.
  • Adding a portfolio to your profile will add 5% to your profile completeness.
  • Adding relevant certificates will add 5% to your profile completeness.


We all are acquainted with Upwork about how lucrative it is. It's been a bread-n-butter for many freelancers today. Creating a profile on Upwork is easy, but getting it approved and maintaining is not a piece of cake.

What we have covered in this article-

·       Get yourself a good profile picture.

·       Great job title.

·       Great profile overview.

·       Setting up Hourly rates.

·       Video Introduction.

In the end, we discussed the skillset, employment history, educational background, and testimonials. By following our footsteps, you can set up a profile on Upwork in the best possible way.

We wish you all the best for your journey on Upwork. To read more articles on Upwork success, read more of our blogs at

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