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By Zekeriya Mulbay

Upwork is one of the leading platforms companies use when they look for freelance talent online. And yet many workers don't understand how much they will have to pay Upwork (Upwork Fee) for facilitating their contact with those clients.

Our free calculator reduces anxiety over Upwork fees when you work on our platform by giving you insight into the details. Simply enter your total and project income on Upwork, and we'll show you your likely fees in one click.

The total throughput with the client is the total budget of the work done so far and does not include the last job.

We all are acquainted with Upwork policies and rules. But, some of you may not be aware of Upwork fees.

The other freelancer platforms, like Fiverr, similarly, Upwork has fee criteria for both freelancers and clients. There are no hidden charges on Upwork, which is good to hear.

This blog has collected nitty-gritty details about Upwork fee criteria for freelancers and clients.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the next phase of our blog.

Upwork fees for Freelancers

As we mentioned above, Upwork has different fee criteria for freelancers and clients. However, on featured jobs, freelancers are charged less.

There are two categories, where freelancers are charged.

  • Service Fee
  • Connects

Service Fee

Upwork has similar service charges as other freelance platforms (i.e., Fiverr), but there are no ransome charges. Upwork charges 20% on every work you deliver. However, it doesn’t remain the same.

  • Freelancers with earnings from $0-500 pay 20% as their service charges.
  • Freelancers with earnings from $500.01-10,000 pay 10% as their service charges.
  • Freelancers with earnings above $10,000.01 pay 5% as their service charges.


There are “connects,” which work like Upwork currency. You can’t apply to a job post without these. It is indispensable to have at least two connects to submit a proposal.

If all your connects went in vain, you can buy them. It costs up to $1.5 for ten connects.

Moreover, if you have low connects in your pocket, Upwork sends you 10-free connects, so you can apply for and win jobs.

Note: - If you win an interview, you’ll get 10-free connects. Moreover, If the job wasn’t appropriate, your connections will be refunded.

Upwork fees for clients

Upwork has different service charges for clients. Upwork will charge every client 5% on every transaction. However, this policy doesn’t apply to US clients, and it is reduced to 3% for them.

Moreover, these charges don't apply to clients who have membership in Upwork Enterprise.

How can I reduce my Upwork fees?

No freelancer or client can avoid Upwork charges. But, there is a way where Upwork charges you a 0% fee.

It is known as Bring your client feature. Only Top-rated freelancers are negligible to this feature. So, how can you make it happen? You can ask Upwork management for a referral link, so you can bring your clients to this platform.

In this way, you won’t have to pay any Upwork fee. However, if you aren’t top-rated, you can access this feature.

Comparison with other platforms


Fiverr is a top-freelancing site plus a solid competitor of Upwork. It has similar charges as Upwork but is different for buyers.

Fiverr charges 20% on every order a freelancer completes. It is the same for Upwork, but it gets reduced after a certain amount is earned by a freelancer, as we mentioned above. In contrast, the charges don’t take the edge of whether you are a level 1, 2, or top-rated seller.

In addition, both websites have a free registration process.


The site is also popular among people from every corner of the world. Freelancer has different fee criteria for fixed and hourly projects. Most freelancers prefer hourly projects because it charges less. The freelancer only pays a 10% flat fee on hourly projects.

There is a 10% or $5 fee charged for every project a freelancer wins on fixed-price projects.


It has some similarities to the Upwork fee structure. It charges 20% for freelancers earned less than 250 pounds. Moreover, the charges jump down to 7.5% if a freelancer makes over 250 to 5,000 pounds. And 3% for more than 5,000 pounds.


Upwork is arguably the greatest freelance site you can work on today. As far as fee structure is concerned, you are doing a business, so they are, too, unlike other freelancing sites, where scammers can dogpile on you and delude you to frauds.

Working on Upwork reassures you about your payments and other kinds of stuff. The management won’t make you feel strung.

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