19 Compelling Gig Ideas for Fiverr in 2022

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By Zekeriya Mulbay

Signing up on Fiverr is a breeze, but getting your first order is a hard nut to crack.

Fiverr nowadays has tough competition for beginners. To overcome that and grow your business, you need to know good tactics and apply them to your gig.

So, it's essential to know about Fiverr Gigs. How about a short intro to Fiverr Gigs, how to make money on Fiver, and how they work?

Let's hear it in the next paragraph.

Fiverr Gig in a nutshell

On Fiverr, gigs play a vital role. It's like opening a business on which you sell your services and packages of different price tags.

Moreover, buyers also send custom offers, which are located in the "buyer request" tab. You can submit your offer and budget to the buyer as a seller.

So, is it worth learning a high-tech skill to earn on Fiverr? Not necessarily. People earn from writing, social media designs, and many other side hustles.

Fiverr Gig in a nutshell

Fiverr allows you to showcase your talent to potential clients and bring home bacon. There are Fiverr jobs for beginners available, on which you can try your luck out!

Once you build an empire, you can demand a king ransom budget on your services.

What Should Every Gig Contain?

Earning Potential

A gig with good reviews and 5-star ratings can help you make money. You can accomplish those by delivering your work accordingly, before the looming deadline, and good communication.

Best tools to accomplish

Fivlytics.com is the best tool available for checking gig analysis, ranking, pricing, and packages of other gigs. Moreover, you can check your gig standings from this exquisite tool.

Following is the depiction of the Fivlytics interface; you can locate Fiverr tools and other resources for your help.

Necessary skills

If you start receiving orders and buyer messages, you must know how to deal, have good English communication skills, and be disciplined.

We'll make you know some easy Fiverr ideas, which may let you earn legally (not by cheating) from potential clients.

In the next phase of our article, we'll guide you about the 19 Fiverr gig ideas in 2022.

19 Gig Ideas for beginners on Fiverr

Let's dive into the best gig ideas on Fiverr, which you'll be abetting.

1. Social Media Manager

Are you an enthusiast and active social media user? Then this is one of the easy ways to make money on Fiverr for a talent like you!

In hindsight, the social media manager manages the client accounts. The seller will post exquisite ads and post them on the account. The individual's primary duty is to interpret the meaning of the post and build a solid social media appearance.

Social media manager

There are only 2k+ services on this post, and talents earn $2800 to $6300 a month. It seems a lucrative field to pursue a dream lifestyle.

So why waste time scrolling feeds when you can make money through it? Let's bring it on!

2. Content Writer

Triggering people's mindset with words is a chess game. But article and blog post writing are equivalent to that.

Content writing is not as easy as it sounds; however, this job might suit you if you are a good English writer(or your language).

You can make gigs on article and blog post writing, letter, website content, etc. There are more than ten sub-categories of this.

All you must do is improve your grammar and practice writing daily. For you a native style writing, you should try reading other people's blog posts that are highly ranked on Google.

Content Writing

Depending on the article's word count, you can quickly charge $10 to $20. Moreover, you can spruce this with SEO skill, which is also high in demand.

An average freelance writer on Fiverr earns more than $500 per month in this category.

3. Website Tester

Website testing is one of the easiest gigs you can create today. In this category, you have to check the site's performance.

Not as an author, but you'll experience it as a regular user on the site. You'll have to make sure the site is loading correctly, the design, and the links are working fine.

Website Tester

You can record the experience of the expedition on the website with recording software. Screen recording software like Bandicam and Jing would be fine.

You can upload the videos on Google Drive or Dropbox and deliver them to your client if you are done with the stream.

4. Proofreader

If you are good at navigating and observing the mistakes of the draft, Proofreading is what you should try.

There is no rocket science in this, nor you must learn a much higher technical skill. It would be best to have a good grip on grammar, punctuations, and pronunciations.

There is a famous tool for checking documents known as Grammarly. You can try their free version, but still, there will be premium mistakes.

You can buy the Grammarly premium version for $12/month and $12.50 for business plans. Moreover, Proofreading is not a piece of cake, you must go through the documents thoroughly, and it can be time-consuming.


You can easily demand $5 to $30 for a single package and increase the prices once you are elite in it!

Are you ready to get paid just by correcting other people's mistakes? If so, then try this gig title!

5. Business Card Designer

A little bit of Adobe Illustrator skill is all you need to sell this service. Clients are looking for the cheapest designer for a business card on Fiverr.

You can easily demand $5 to $30 per design of the card. Moreover, you can also use Canva to design business cards, but make sure you have the size of the card in your mind. In addition, business cards have varieties. There are Standard, Premium, and Exclusive business cards.

6. Transcriber

Transcriber is also an easy job on Fiverr, in which individuals transcribe the audio files into a word document. In this category, you don't need any technical or specific skills.

Moreover, you can quickly generate more than $1000 to $3000 a month. It means this skill is pretty lucrative to work on.


You can use some vital tools like Sonix, Tint, TitleCaseConverter, Descript, and Grammarly.

Why reckon other high-technical skills when you can be a transcriber?

7. LinkedIn Profile Management

LinkedIn is quite popular nowadays for businesses and organizations. People are hiring individuals to maintain, optimize, and upgrade their profiles professionally.

Furthermore, you can check out other people's profiles and get an idea. It's one of the easy Fiverr ideas you can try today.

In addition, you can check out influencers' profiles and follow in their footsteps. Check this out top voices from the US influencers.

LinkedIn Profile

You can get good reviews by working free for your friends and learning how to deal.

Moreover, it would also help you get clients from LinkedIn, too. It is an opportune time to try this 2-in-1 package skill which requires only research skills.

8. Whiteboard Animation Maker

Are you good at drawing? Let's make it more digital. With Whiteboard animation, you can make it happen and earn money as a scrupulous animator on Fiverr. Also, this is one of the most demanding skills today.

Whiteboard Animation

It's not an easy skill because it requires creativity, good listening power, and generating ideas. There are a few steps that would help you to become a Whiteboard Animator. Let's hear them.

  • You'll require a document camera to record your animation.
  • Common writing materials like Pencil, an eraser, and a marker.
  • A steady desk, good lighting, and video editing software. You can use Camtasia Studio, Filmora, etc.
  • You'll also need image editing software, i.e., Photoshop. Other than that, more software like Doodly, VideoScribe, and Mango Animate.

In addition, you can comfortably make $2000 to $5000 per month with this skill.

9. Voice Over Artist

To work on this, you must have a good accent in any language. It is an easy Fiverr job for beginners. Most YouTubers lack and don't want their Voice to be uploaded in the videos. So, they hire Voice-over artists from freelancer websites such as Fiverr, and you can be one of them.

Voice Over Artist

You can use Adobe Audition, Nuendo, Pro Tools, GarageBand, and Audacity. These are some of the top-operating Voice editing software.

You can generate between $200 to $2000 in a month in this category. Why wait when you can earn money through your Voice only?

Bring it on!

10. Email Copywriter

Email copywriting is one of the popular categories of Fiverr. Most companies are looking for individuals to take their brand to the next level.

With more than four billion email users every day, 64% of small businesses and organizations use email marketing to promote their products or brand.

So, if you start working as an email copywriter on Fiverr, people are ready to pay higher for a persuasive email. In just a few paragraphs, you can make bucks.

There are only more than 5,000 gigs available in the email marketing niche; it's an opportune time to kick off Fiverr by creating a gig in this niche. You can start with $10 per email, then increase your prices once you get good reviews.

10.1. Article Rewriter

Article writing is just like writing a blog but in another way. You don't need to think a lot and create ideas in this. All you have to do is rephrase the document and make it plagiarism free.

There are spinning tools available like Quillbot, where you can spin sentences or phrases in just a second. Moreover, use Grammarly to make it grammar error-free.

11.  Designer (Through Canva)

Are you having trouble learning Adobe software like Illustrator or Photoshop? Then Canva is for you.

By using Canva, you will be able to design flyers, posters, social media posts, restaurant menus, and much more, which will have a resonating outcome. It's another easy Fiverr job for beginners.

You don't have to do any type of struggle; everything is displayed on Canva. A premium version of Canva is also available, from where you can access the premium design templates.

Designing Through Canva

On Fiverr, you can generate $2000 to $6000 a month with Canva designing. People will hire for your social media marketing and designs, which is a lucrative business nowadays.

12.  Translator

Are you familiar with two languages and have a level of bilingual? Then translation is for you. Clients on Fiverr will hire you to translate the document.

You can use Google Translate for documents. There is more software like Fluency Now, Zanata, and Linguee. Translating is a masterly piece of strategy to make money and easy things to do on Fiverr.

Spanish, English, German, Turkish, and Russian are the most popular languages on Fiverr.

13. Gamer

To be a gamer is the easiest and most demanding skill on Fiverr and other marketplaces. Suppose you are an enthusiastic gamer and lacking to earn money. Fiverr is the place where you can make it happen.


People from all around the world will hire you to promote their levels or help them with stuff. Dota 2, CSGO, PUBG, and other mobile games are famous among gamers. The female ratio is higher than males in this category.

You can easily make $15 to $50 bucks per order in this niche. Let your skills rock and make you money!

14. Data Entry

IIt's another easy work on Fiverr. It requires good typing speed and transcribing data from one document to another.

Moreover, it also includes lead marketing and email extractions. The good thing about this category is that it is easy to learn and doesn't require any high-five skills. It only requires know-how of specific software and comprehensive typing skills.

Data Entry

GoCanvas, Typeform, Zoho forms, Jotforms, and Capture are some of the most important software for data entry.

You can easily make $15 to $60 per gig in this category, which is a lucrative way to make money.

15. Fitness coach

As a gym freak, you can also sell your tips on Fiverr to those just starting.

Fitness coach

You can guide clients about the supplements, exercise, and schedule. And also the diet plan. However, you must have a good physique or a perfect body shape, or else people won't want to hire their coach.

15.1. Diet Plans For Fitness Goals

You can also provide good diet meals. Being a gym freak, you can also help individuals achieve their fitness goals.

Diet Meal

You will need to have good knowledge of diet. People will consult you if they are having issues managing their dietary plan. You'll need to provide specific plans for vegans, non-vegans, and gluten-free.

The pricing of this depends on you. You can sell your service at any price; it is recommended to start with low.

16. WordPress Developer

WordPress is another high in-demand skill on Fiverr. You'll have a lot of opportunities to earn in this category. Buyers will hire you for bug fixes, whole website creation, SEO, and site performance.

You can learn WordPress from any YouTube channel. There are delude of videos about the tutorials of WordPress.

17. Become an Online Tutor

You can become a Tutor on Fiverr; it seems spectacular, right? Most Chinese students are looking for English Tutors to teach them the English language.

However, you might need a strong grip on English and communication. You can demand $25 per hour for a video call on Skype and teach them.

Become an Online Tutor

Moreover, if you are familiar with other languages, you can teach them. Not only languages, but you can also teach them Microsoft office, research papers, and other marketing strategies.

Hook over to Fiverr and check out other people's gigs in this category to get more ideas.

18. Business Planner

Suppose you're an entrepreneur or have any sort of skills regarding business. You can help small businesses to get on an exponential rise with your business plan.

You can provide them about how their business would look in the future with your smart strategy.

19. Picture Editor

There are millions of pictures taken every day and ornamentation. If you have good editing skills and have a good grip on software like Photoshop, it will drive a handsome amount of cash into your Fiverr account.

Picture Editing

Organizations and businesses are looking for experts in this category to edit their branding depiction and other stuff. You can be one of them.


Fiverr has become butter and bread for most freelancers nowadays. But as a beginner, you might be having trouble landing your first job on Fiverr. We have briefly described the easiest gig ideas for you in the above paragraphs.

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