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By Zekeriya Mulbay

As a new seller, you must be knowing that Fiverr charges a fee on each payment of an order. But have you ever wondered why these fees are necessary?

It’s time that you should understand the Fiverr fee structure. The fee structure for Fiverr is not difficult to understand. In this article, we will help you understand everything related to Fiverr fee plan. Guess what, we have made a Fiverr Fee calculator help you get an estimate of deductions on your services.

After reading this article, you will have answers to questions like:

  • How to calculate your Fiverr fee?
  • Why does Fiverr charge a fee?
  • How much does a buyer have to pay, and how much does a seller get?

So let’s jump into Fiverr costings.

How much does Fiverr take from a buyer?

In the beginning, Fiverr Fee for buyers was a little bit different. It was $2 for each purchase up to $20 and 5% on more than that. But now, Fiverr charges straight $2 for each buyer's purchase under or equal to $40. And if a buyer purchases more than $40, Fiverr will charge a 5% fee. The fee is to secure the outputs you want as a buyer. Remember that a buyer has to make payments in advance with the Fiverr fee.

Fiverr takes from a buyer

How much does Fiverr take from the seller?

Fiverr fee for sellers remained the same from the 1st day Fiverr was launched. No matter how much it is, for each order, every seller gets an 80% of the payment on Fiverr. So the Fiverr fee is 20% of the total payment of your order.

Does Fiverr take a percentage of tips?

Yes, Fiverr also charges a part of every payment you get in as a tip. The rule is the same for order and tip payments. It takes 20% of the total amount of the order. For example, if you got an order of $50 and the buyer is happy with your service and paid a $20 tip, Fiverr will charge a 20% fee, paying you $56 in total with a bonus.

Fiverr Fee Calculator:

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The total throughput with the client is the total budget of the work done so far and does not include the last job.

Fiverr Fee Calculator

Comparison with other platforms:

Here is a comparison of the Fiverr fee structure with some of the other major freelancing platforms.

PlatformSign Up ChargesFee for BuyersFee for Sellers/Freelancers
FiverrFree$2- on services up to $40
5%- on services exceeding $40
20% on each payment of an order
UpworkFree+ Membership3% Additional service feeEarnings from a single client

$0-$500 : 20%
$500.01-$10,000: 10%
$10,000.01 or more: 5%
FreelancerFree+ Membership3% Additional service fee10% on each payment of an order
GuruFree+ Membership2.9% Additional service fee9% of each invoice

Note:  The transaction fee is not included here.

How much does it cost to join Fiverr?

Fiverr doesn't have any membership plan yet. You can join Fiverr as a seller or buyer for free of cost. Moreover, it allows a new seller to bid on ten jobs daily for free, which is a big plus.

Final words:

You have got everything about the Fiverr fee from your earnings from Fiverr. Fiverr service fee is not a downside of freelancing. It is the security of your payment and service from both ends- seller and buyer. Moreover, the Fiverr service fee makes you free of worries about your payments as a seller and quality services as a buyer.

Tip: Don't think about the 20% you pay; keep an eye on the 80% you get.

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