8 Best Fiverr Alternatives in 2022

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By Zekeriya Mulbay
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Are you not getting any orders? Or is it too mind-numbing to work on Fiverr?

Yes, there are other freelancing platforms available where you can make a boatload of money. Without further ado, let’s discuss Fiverr briefly.

Fiverr in a Nutshell

Fiverr is a freelancer platform where individuals have the privilege to present or sell their services to buyers. In short, seller publishes their gigs according to their skillset. On the other hand, buyers order from the gig if they find it suitable. The growth of freelancers on Fiverr is also on an exponential rise.

But it is a tale of woe that most of the sellers on Fiverr are involved in shenanigans. It has sabotaged the reputation of the company a lot. Most buyers and sellers are immature and don't know how the thing works.

That said, sellers often try to scam buyers by delivering low-quality work. But the user can report suspicious matters instantly. Although, 24/7 customer care service and support are always available to help the individual with their problems.

We have come with the top competitors of Fiverr, which are also a lucrative and great way to start your side hustle.

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Upwork is the most demanding freelancing site where you can try your luck. If we compare it to Fiverr, this site has overtaken it already.


There is tough competition on Upwork in every niche, and it's not like Fiverr, where a seller can publish gigs and wait for orders. It is vice versa. On Upwork, the client posts job, and the interested candidates submit their proposals with a cover letter.

However, landing your first job on Upwork can be difficult if your profile is inferior to your portfolio. So, it’s better to focus more on your profile and portfolio.

The payment system of Upwork is impressive, too. Whereas Fiverr delays too much. On Upwork, whenever a contract starts, the amount is in Escrow. In this way, the payments are safe, and no fraud can occur.

When the candidate submits their work, the client releases the amount. It takes up to 14-days for the amount to be in your account on Fiverr. Furthermore, Upwork has a "connects" system used to submit proposals. It is considered a con. On Fiverr, sellers can create gigs for free.

The clients' quality of work on Upwork is up to the mark, while most of the sellers on Fiverr deliver gawky and dull work.


Freelancer.com was founded 13-years ago in 2009 to connect businesses and employees. Like Upwork, the candidates can also bid on jobs on Freelancer.com.


Furthermore, the site has 1,800 job categories, where freelancers from all around the globe can apply. Freelancer has over 31-million users who are working vigorously. In comparison, Fiverr has over 7-million users.

If we compare both platforms' fee charges, Fiverr charges 20% per order while Freelancer.com has monthly criteria (0.99$ for beginners) and is free for buyers. You'll find work in every niche, including copywriting, programming, IT, and translation.

On Freelancer.com, you can either post a job or directly hire a professional freelancer. The website title companies such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, Deloitte, NASA, IBM, Fujitsu, and Telstra have used this site.

In addition, you can set your work schedule and choose any job you want. In contrast, on Fiverr, you must be online most of the time, so your gig can be ranked, which is not flexible and time-consuming.

Although, the rising competition on Freelancer.com makes it difficult for beginners to land their first job.


PeoplePerHour is equivalent to an admirable freelancing site. However, the platform couldn't overtake Fiverr regardless of having unique features.

There is a qualification test if you want to sign up as a freelancer on PeoplePerHour. The candidate must pass this test to start hunting for jobs. Moreover, the site developers launched this in 2007. The employers here prefer hourly payment for freelancers.

PeoplePerHour has over 1.2m clients, which hire freelancers on daily bases. The clients on this site are mainly looking for qualified freelancers. On the contrary, on Fiverr, anyone can sign up and publish their gigs, even if they are not vetted or trained. Fiverr has a skillset test for every category, which benefits individuals if they pass it.

The commission charges on PeoplePerHour are pretty less. You'll be paying 3% to 5% only after making over $280. Which is not costly at all, unlike Fiverr, where charges are  20% for every order freelancer completes.

You can get your job done on Fiverr for just $5, but the minimum hiring rate for freelancers on PeoplePerHour is 10$. Also, there is a 10% service charges transaction you make on PeoplePerHour.

Nevertheless, both websites have similarities. However, there are different perceptions by freelancers for Fiverr and PeoplePerHour. The one thing which lets PeoplePerHour stand above Fiverr is the inspecting process for freelancers.


Are you looking for experts to handle your project? Then Guru is the best option for you.

Guru.com is full of hand-vetted freelancers, but affordability is what makes the difference between the two platforms. Both platforms have different stories.

You can find any service on Fiverr for just $5, but the quality of work can be topsy-turvy. Although on Guru, there isn't a specie that would work on a $5 hourly rate. The minimum wage on Guru is approximately $25 to $50.

Furthermore, Fiverr allows you to search for gigs of different categories and niches on the search bar. You can filter up to your requirements, and gigs would appear like it.

Moreover, Guru is much like Upwork, where clients can post jobs regarding their projects, and the freelancers will submit their proposals or quotes. After that, the client reviews and interview them individually.

There is a 2.9% service fee on every transaction, but Fiverr has no hidden charges. You only pay what you see.

Envato Studio

Are you a professional web developer or designer? Envato Studio looks for talent skilled in web development and digital designs.

Envato lets you connect with the best designers and developers in the market. The site is elementary to use, and you can hire any freelancer within minutes. Moreover, there is a service fee for employees, but they only charge after the approval and satisfaction from the employee. It is 30% per project.

Moreover, Envato Studio personally chooses the best talent for you. You can consult with any freelancer within your budget. You can communicate with them through the convenient messaging tool and ask them for a portfolio or samples related to your work.

In addition, Envato Studio is a partner of the Envato site, where WordPress plugins and themes are available for purchase.


FreeUp is a solid competitor of Fiverr, as it provides more vetted freelancers to companies from all around the globe.

Moreover, FreeUp management interviews all their applicants and connect you with 1% of them. So, companies don't have to worry about the quality of work, unlike Fiverr, where most sellers are not professional workers and manipulate the policies.

Questions to Answers

Is Upwork better than Fiverr?

That's the question of a century. We can't judge based on how well these sites are performing. Upwork and Fiverr are both bread and butter for most freelancers in the US.

Considering the Upwork payment transaction system, they won it. Upwork instantly transfer the amount right after the work gets approved. The amount from Escrow to your account takes only a second. While Fiverr let you wait for 14-days for the transaction.

What are the main competitors?

Fiverr nowadays is compared chiefly with Upwork, PeoplePerHour, and Freelancer.com. These sites are strong competitors of Fiverr.

What type of platform is Fiverr?

In sum, Fiverr is an international marketplace where talents from all around the globe sell their services through a gig system. Fiverr has changed and improved the lifestyles of many people.

Which is better, Fiverr or Freelancer.com?

Freelancer is a great freelancing platform that prefers long-term primarily relationships between businesses and talents. On the other hand, Fiverr allows you to work on one-time projects.

However, you can choose your own working time on Freelancer.com, unlike Fiverr. Still, Fiverr takes the lead because of the simplicity and fewer frauds.

Which is better Fiverr or Upwork?

Most freelancers prefer Upwork, as there is more working opportunity on Upwork. You won't have to wait for weeks or months to get an order like Fiverr. You can apply for jobs suitable to your experience and skillset by submitting a proposal, which is a more time-saving and convenient way.

As for clients, they won't have to search for dozens of gigs on Upwork, unlike Fiverr. The above reasons declare Upwork as a winner.

Is Freelancer.com better than Fiverr?

If you prefer flexibility, then choosing Freelancer.com is a good option. You can work in different time zones. However, individuals from every corner can open their businesses on Fiverr by selling their services.

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