What is PeoplePerHour?

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By Zekeriya Mulbay

PeoplePerHour is one of the most flexible marketplaces for freelancers, and it allows users to connect with over two million freelance workers. You can check out their profiles and portfolios if you want to hire freelancers.

Found in 2007, this UK freelance marketplace has become very popular today. Freelancers from all around the world have signed up for the platform. As a company, it allows users to get in touch with freelancers from all around the world.

Breaking the Monotony of the 9-to-5 Work Model

PeoplePerHour takes pride in being one of the leading companies to break the 9-to-5 working model. Clients can connect with freelancers and hire someone per the project or hour. If you have signed up for the platform as a freelancer, you get the opportunity to work as per your flexibility.

What is PeoplePerHour? 2

PeoplePerHour follows a strong collaboration between clients and freelancers. Freelancers get the opportunity to work in close association with growing businesses and establish long-lasting relationships that will help them grow efficiently in the future.

How does PeoplePerHour work?

PeoplePerHour follows a robust model. As users, freelancers will get the opportunity to work online remotely. There are two models of PeoplePerHour- buy and sell.

a) How Freelancers Sell their Services on PeoplePerHour

1) Build a Strong Profile

The key to selling your service is to build a strong profile. One of the best ways to start a strong profile is to add photos and videos to make the whole thing fun. Make sure to have a strong profile and maintain the activities as well. Newbies can have a chance to go up by selling more and more services.

2) Send Proposals

Once you have created an optimized profile, you need to send proposals. You can send fifteen proposals monthly if you have the basic profile plan available for free. Once you run out of credits, you can buy new credits.

3) Have a Workstream to share invoices and receive payment in time

Once you create a WorkStream, all the details about the project will be maintained in the same space. You can track your project history within a single thread. As a freelancer, make sure to keep working in the same stream.

With WorkStream, you will be able to send proposals within seconds. Make sure to protect your account by setting up an Escrow. The simpler the invoice is, the more regulated your workplace will be. Maintain a weekly cycle of all the invoices.

a) How Freelancers Sell their Services on PeoplePerHour

4) Get Ratings

One of the most prominent ways to keep your profile going is to get ratings. After you complete a project, make sure that you ask the buyer to send you reviews. This will ensure that your profile moves up and you get more buyers.

b) How Buyers Order Services on PeoplePerHour

1) Post a Project

Once you create an account on PeoplePerHour as the buyer, post a project. In your project brief, mention what you want. If required, you can also set up information about relevant freelancers. You can also set the budget for the project so that the freelancers can apply accordingly.

2) Search Profiles

You can also search for profiles and contact them directly. The best thing to filter the search as per location and portfolio. If a freelancer profile matches your need, you can reach out to them, mentioning a brief of your project and requesting the proposal.

3) Manage and Pay via Workstream

Maintain a Workstream for all the projects to ensure proper payment and management. Once you receive proposals on your project, review them, and accept them. Secure the amount with Escrow so that you can release the funds on completion of the project.

b) How Buyers Order Services on PeoplePerHour

4) Rate the Freelancer

Once the project is complete, rate the freelancer.

Application Process of PeoplePerHour

Want to apply as a freelancer for PeoplePerHour? Here are all the steps you need to follow:

Tell Us About You

For the application process, you need to provide a profile picture. It would help if you refrained from logo design or fake pictures, and it would help if you refrained from entering any contact details.

Choose your skills

You need to prepare for skills. Add your skills in minor characters so that you can get helpful information.

Add references

If you have references, you can add them. In PeoplePerHour, you may need to link your social media profiles to demonstrate your work skills.

Set your preferences

The freelancers on PeoplePerHour will either get the opportunity to work on-site or remotely. Therefore, depending on your needs, you can select the option as per your needs. However, before setting your preferences, you can fill in the postcode and choose the jobs that most suit you.

Application Process of PeoplePerHour

Personalize your application

One of the best ways to get approved is to personalize your application as much as possible. If you are too generic, you may be rejected. Providing accurate information and a more robust profile will help you get more buyers.

Unique Features of PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour is one of the leading web-based freelance marketplaces. It's the unique features of the platform that have attracted the audience. The unique features of PeoplePerHour that cater to the needs of the audience include the following:

  • Escrow Protection
  • Invoicing
  • No-Cost Content Posting
  • Seller and Buyer Rating
  • File Sharing
  • Fixed Price Freelancers
  • In-Account Funds
  • Account Management Dashboard
  • Easy Invoicing
  • Constant Communication

How to get paid on PeoplePerHour?

Getting paid on PeoplePerHour can be done in three steps:

  • After completing the project, you will send the invoice to the buyer to get paid.
  • The buyer from their PeoplePerHour account will pay the invoice. The money will be held in Escrow. The payment process may take a few hours to three days maximum.
  • Once you receive the money in your PeoplePerHour account, you can transfer it to your account.


Given below are some of the most commonly asked questions on PeoplePerHour:

1) Is PeoplePerHour free?

Freelancers can create optimized profiles on PeoplePerHour for free. It will also provide the benefit of sending fifteen proposals a month.


2) How reliable is PeoplePerHour?

Being one of the leading web-based freelance marketplaces, PeoplePerHour is also very reliable. Therefore, you can always rely on the platform to buy or sell services.

3) How does payment work on PeoplePerHour?

After completing the project, the freelancer will send an invoice to the buyer. The buyer's money will be held in Escrow. Once the buyer reviews the work, they can release the money.

As one of the leading platforms, PeoplePerHour brings in various opportunities for the growth of freelancers. As a freelancer, optimize your profile thoroughly to get more bidders and buyers. Read our blogs to know more about the freelancing world.

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