8 Freelancer Blockchain Developer Profile Examples

2 years ago   •   4 min read

By Zekeriya Mulbay

Freelancing is a tough path. You need to always be able to maintain and grow your reputation so you are getting quality projects.

This can be very hard – especially when you are new to freelancing and starting out working in Bitcoin or Blockchain.

To ease your path, here are examples of some truly outstanding Freelancer profiles that have performed well.

Blockchain Developer with Over 5 Years of Experience

I'm a seasoned Blockchain Developer with more than five years of experience working in the field.

Expertise: My expertise includes all areas of blockchain development, including smart contracts and decentralized applications. I have worked on projects for some of the largest companies in the world, including [company name], [company name], and [company name].

My skills include:

  • Full stack development
  • Smart contract development
  • Solidity programming language (Ethereum)
  • NEO smart economy platform (NEO)

I have experience working with these tools:

  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • GitHub
  • Travis CI

Passion: I'm passionate about using my knowledge to build new ways for people to interact with technology, which is why I'm excited by blockchain technologies like Ethereum and NEO.

My goal is to help you create innovative solutions that will change the way your organization interacts with its customers, partners, or employees.

Blockchain Developer with Over 10 Years of Experience

Hello, my name is [name] and I am a Blockchain Developer. I have been programming for over 10 years, and have experience with many different programming languages. My favorite language is Python, which I use to develop many different types of applications.

I specialize in developing decentralized applications (DApps) using Hyperledger Fabric and Ethereum. These are two popular blockchain platforms that allow developers to create their own cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, and other advanced applications using open-source code.

I also have experience with other blockchain platforms such as Hyperledger Iroha and Quorum.

I am passionate about making the world a better place through technology by providing solutions that help people solve problems they face every day in their lives.

Blockchain Developer with Over 3 Years of Experience

I am a Blockchain Developer with an expertise in blockchain technology and smart contracts. I have worked with Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, Corda and other blockchain platforms. I can work on any aspect of the blockchain technology.

I have been working for more than 3 years in this field and have good experience in developing smart contracts, building dApps and creating node applications.

I am passionate about this field because it's changing the way we do business and provide services. I feel that it can make the world much better by giving us transparency, security and trustworthiness of data that is stored on the chain.

Blockchain Developer Since 2013

I have been working with the blockchain technology since 2013. I've got a solid background in Java and Javascript programming languages, as well as Solidity and Python.

My experience includes building a number of projects that include smart contracts, decentralized applications, and blockchains. I can also help you with everything from initial research to MVP development.

I've worked on a variety of projects in different industries ranging from finance to gaming, so feel free to ask me anything about my experience or skills!

I have a passion for software development, especially with blockchain technology. My goal is to help businesses who want to use blockchain solutions but don't know where to start.

Blockchain Developer with 5+ Years of Experience

I'm a freelance developer with 5+ years of experience in web development, cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies.

I have the skills to help you build your blockchain app.

I'm a self-taught developer who has built many applications using Node JS, AngularJS, TypeScript, ReactJS, VueJS and other frameworks.

My expertise includes building both frontend and backend applications using Node JS with Express and MongoDB databases.

I also have extensive experience in building decentralized applications on Ethereum platform using Solidity programming language and Truffle framework.

I am passionate about blockchain technologies, so I’m always learning new things about how to make blockchain apps more secure and reliable by applying different security measures such as cryptography algorithms or creating new smart contracts that can be used for making payments between users of decentralized applications (Dapps).

Blockchain Developer with Over 3 Years of Experience

My name is [name], and I'm a blockchain developer with over three years of experience. I'm passionate about building products that solve problems, and I've worked on projects ranging from remittance apps to supply chain management systems.

I specialize in JavaScript, NodeJS, and React. When it comes to blockchain development, I'm fluent in Ethereum (Solidity), EOSIO (WebAssembly) and Hyperledger Fabric (C++).

I have experience working with both public blockchains like Ethereum and private blockchains like Hyperledger Fabric or Corda.

As a full-stack web developer, one of my favorite things about working with crypto projects is how much more involved they are than typical web development projects. It can be challenging at times but it's also incredibly rewarding when you see your ideas come together into something tangible that people can use!

Blockchain Developer With 5 Years of Experience

I am a Blockchain Developer with 5 years of experience.

I have a deep understanding of how blockchain works and what it can do for businesses. I've been working in this field since the very beginning, and I'm always eager to learn more about it.

I've worked on several projects in the past, including building a cryptocurrency exchange from scratch, integrating blockchain technology into an existing business, and creating an entirely new business model based on blockchain technology.

I'm passionate about making sure my clients get the most out of their blockchain solutions so they can focus on other aspects of their business while still having access to all the benefits they need to succeed in today's marketplace.

Blockchain Developer With 6 Years of Experience

I am a Blockchain Developer with 6 years of experience in the field. I have worked on a number of different projects, ranging from small startups to large companies. In all of my projects, I have managed to create high-quality code and deliver the product on time.

I have a wide range of tools that I use for my work, including:

  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • C++

I am passionate about this field and enjoy working with other people who share that passion. I love being able to work with new technologies and learning about them in order to improve myself as a developer.

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