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By Zekeriya Mulbay

Project Brief Examples is a collection of project briefs and a good source for new freelancers to get used to the freelance platforms.

YouTube Project Brief Example

Background: I'm looking for a video editor for creating YouTube channel content. It will be a cooking channel that shows how to cook Mexican inspired recipes.

Objective: My goal is to create high-quality video content that appeals to people who enjoy eating Mexican food.

Scope: You will have to edit the footage that I record and add the intro, ending and other relevant graphics to it. I will provide you with the intro and ending videos. The estimated run time of the videos is 5-10 minutes.

Timeline: I expect 1 video per week and have 10 videos ready by the end of January 2020.

Estimated budget: $3,000

Social Media Manager Project Brief Example

Background: [Company name] is a small business with a tight-knit team, and we're looking to grow by building our online presence. We've been using Facebook ads, but the results have been less than stellar. We know that there's a huge potential audience out there, and we need someone to help us reach them.

Objective: We want our brand to gain traction on social media and get people talking about what we do. We also want to generate leads/potential clients who can become long-term customers.

Scope: We need someone who can build an effective social media campaign for [company name], primarily on Facebook. The job will include creating a profile for our company, posting regularly, tracking results, and analyzing data so the campaign can be refined over time.

Timeline: This project will begin on January 1st and continue through March 31st. If successful results are achieved prior to the end of March (i.e., if the campaign goes viral), it may be extended into the foreseeable future.

Budget: The maximum budget for this project is $10,000 (USD) over three months or roughly $3,300 per month.

Mechanical Engineering Project Brief Example

Project Background: We are looking to develop a bottle opener that is specifically designed to open beer bottles. The opener should also be able to open soda bottles and other types of beverage bottles. The bottle opener should be able to grip the cap and twist it off with ease. The bottle opener will have a keychain attachment that allows for easy portability.

Project Objective: Our project objective is to create a product design for our bottle opener that we can then send to an engineer in order to be manufactured.

Project Scope: Our scope is first having an idea for the product design, which we already have, then creating a CAD drawing of the bottle opener which includes dimensions and measurements of all parts. We would then like a 3D visualization of the product from different angles so we can see how it looks from different views. We want the computer-aided design (CAD) file and 3D visualization files after the completion of this project so we can send them to an engineer in order to have our product manufactured.

Project Timeline: We would like this project completed within 2 weeks' time.

Estimated Budget: Our estimated budget for this project is $300 - $500 USD

Financial Analysis Project Brief Example

Background: A client is looking for a financial analyst to help them with their company’s cash flow. They have one office and would like to expand to multiple offices, but need help analyzing the financial information from their current location and determining how much they can afford to spend on opening a new office.

Objective: The client is looking for someone who can review the business financial documents in order to advise the client on their budget for a new location, as well as whether or not expansion is a good idea. The client wants to know what the best way to allocate funds would be in order to successfully open a second office while maintaining the company’s current location.

Scope: The project requires reviewing the existing financial data and advising the client on how much money they can invest in a new location, as well as where that money should be invested, in order to grow the company without incurring excessive debt.

Timeline: This project has an estimated duration of 10 weeks, starting November 11 and ending January 20.

Budget: The budget for this project is $2,200 USD.

Content Project Brief Example

Background: We are a startup that provides a service for helping our customers discover and purchase new, already-vetted products. We want to increase brand awareness and attract prospective customers to our site.

Objective: Create engaging content about products on our site.

Scope: The ideal writer will write 300-word articles about products on the website, following provided guidelines and templates. Articles should be engaging, informative, and unbiased. Writers will need to be able to respond promptly to email correspondence from the Content Manager and complete all projects on deadline. Before accepting any work, the writer must complete a sample article according to the provided template. The sample article will be judged on style, adherence to format, attention to detail, and timeliness. If the writer's performance is satisfactory, they will be offered paid projects on an ongoing basis.

Timeline: We expect that 10 articles can be done per week. Articles should be submitted by Friday evening in order to receive feedback and rewrites over the weekend. All final versions should be submitted by Monday evening of each week.

Estimated budget: $100-$200/week

Graphic Design Project Brief Example

Background: [company] is a startup focused on building a social network for animal lovers. Users can share photos and locations of great places to take their pets, chat with other pet owners about the best pet food and toys, and get recommendations for the best groomers and vets in the area.

Objective: We want to design our logo. The logo should be an animal paw and should contain our business name in the middle of it.

Scope: We'd like to see three iterations of the logo that are all based on the same concept but are distinctly different. Please submit your work as PNG files with a transparent background.

Timeline: Two weeks

Estimated budget: $300

SEO Project Brief Example

Background: Our company, Scent-national, is a small business based in Colorado. We are a wholesale distributor of scented candles. Our goal is to increase our web presence by reaching out to more customers so we can continue to grow.

Objective: We want to improve our search engine optimization (SEO) so that more people will find our website and place orders with us.

Scope: The scope of work for this project involves two main tasks: finding keywords and updating the content on our website to include those keywords. The project should take no more than 80 hours.

Timeline: This project should be completed in 3 weeks.

Estimated Budget: $2500

Data Analysis Project Brief Example

Help us find the best ways to recruit and retain new talent.

Background: We are in the process of growing our company's presence in the Wisconsin market. We want to optimize our recruiting process to bring new talent on board. In addition, we would like to assess if there is a direct correlation between employee satisfaction and retention rates and develop an action plan based on that information.

Objective: Create a model that accurately predicts job seeker satisfaction based on factors such as gender, job title, age and location.

Scope: The scope of this project includes assessing existing employee data as well as surveying employees working in our Wausau office. The survey will be conducted virtually during normal working hours and should not be disruptive to regular workflow.

Timeline: We need all analysis complete by the end of August, at which point you will provide us with a clear summary of your findings and recommendations for the next steps.

Budget: $2500

Blockchain Project Brief Example

Background: Our company recently built a blockchain platform and we would like to extend its capabilities.

Objective: We would like to hire a developer to build additional functionality for our platform.

The new functionality will enable users of the platform to:

  • Buy tokens with ETH
  • Track the status of their ETH transaction
  • Get tokens when buying ETH
  • Keep track of the balance of their tokens in their wallet, as well as in their smart contract on the blockchain
  • Provide technical documentation of endpoints and APIs used
  • Submit all code with unit tests
  • Deploy the platform on AWS
  • Write documentation on how to launch the application
  • Enter into an NDA before being hired

Scope: The scope of this project consists of developing the following software components:

  • A Node JS server that communicates with our Ethereum testnet blockchain.
  • A web page that allows users to register, buy and use tokens.

Timeline: The timeline for this project is 4 weeks from the award date. Estimated Budget

Our estimated budget for this project is $3000 USD

Mobile App Project Brief Example

Background: We're a small team of independent developers looking to make a mobile application for the first time.

Objective: We need to create an app that will allow users to select their favourite shows and movies by genre, then see which streaming services those shows/movies are available on. We also want this app to be able to connect with each individual user's streaming service accounts so that they can see which shows/movies in the app are already available on their subscription lists.

Scope: We need an iOS app that will allow users to select shows and movies based on genre (we'll use pre-determined genres), then display all of the shows/movies in that genre, along with whether or not they're available on any of the major streaming services.

We also need the app to be able to connect with users' profiles from each of the major streaming services, so that they can see which of their favourites are already available for them without needing to search through different apps.

Timeline: 4 weeks

Estimated Budget: $10,000

Shopify Project Brief Example

Background: I am looking to hire a Shopify developer to build my Shopify store. The website will be selling clothing products and will have around 20-25 products.

Objective: I am looking for a Shopify developer who is experienced in building high-quality websites with exceptional attention to detail. For this project, I am looking for someone who can work quickly and efficiently and deliver a high-quality product within the deadline. Additionally, the developer needs to be able to communicate regularly about the project and its progress.

Scope: Build a high-quality Shopify website from scratch, including logo design and navigation structure. The design of the website should be clean and easy to navigate, with a modern feel.

Timeline: 1 month

Estimated Budget: $4,000

WordPress Project Brief Example

Background: We are a consulting firm that specializes in helping businesses increase their online visibility. We would like to build a brand-new website for our company to direct clients and potential clients.

Objective: This new website should be user-friendly, easy to navigate, and simple enough for an end-user to update the site's content themselves.

Scope: The new website should include the following sections: Homepage, About Us, Services Offered (5 total), Contact Information, and an interactive map showing our location.

Timeline and Budget: We are looking to have this project completed within 3 weeks, with an estimated budget of $1500.

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