I sweat for becoming a freelancer!

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By Zekeriya Mulbay
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Hello. I am a student at the university. When I started working as a freelancer, I was a junior graphic designer. Because I had no experience and bravery to start working, I was stubborn about creating anything as a freelancer. I was attempting to establish a personal brand, prepare designs on the subject, add them to my portfolio, and improve myself.

I develop social media graphics, web banners, and advertisements in general. I look into things that involve photo processing and editing in particular.

I sweat for becoming a freelancer

I'm interested in package and label design, and I'm working on strengthening my skills in that area. If the first product I designed succeeds in finding a home on the shelves, I'll post an update here:)

How did I discover Upwork?

Upwork was first introduced to me during the pandemic. I learned about this website from a YouTube vlog video and began to search. Despite my lack of optimism, I created an account right away.

I discovered Freelance Guide within a few days and tried to raise my hopes by viewing those fantastic short video series. I also became a member of the Discord server.

How did I discover Upwork?

I applied for a few jobs with little success. Even though it seems simple now, it was something I had never done or experienced before. I closed the tabs as the hookups were finished, and I don't think I opened Upwork for a week. Because I didn't think there was any chance for me. There was no notification or email.

My first job and hope

It felt like a week had passed. I wanted to check out the Discord channel and see what's happening. I entered Upwork once again when I saw the motivating items there. What do I see all of a sudden? We agreed with that customer and started working even though it had been a week :)

Next to the message box, that wonderful notification icon, and that gorgeous Upwork green:) I believe I had sufficient motivation at this point.

My excitement to learn more and spend more time in the Discord group has grown. I used the money I gained from my first customer to buy connect and apply for various jobs.

The thrill of getting money, which seemed miraculous then, had become a reality. It had been my habit to log into my account every night before going to bed.

How did my belief exist more?

A few things stayed with me before I started my Upwork journey. Is it possible for me to make a living as a freelancer? Since I've been following and researching, I didn't think I'd dare.

Because of the unpredictability of earnings, regular rises, and the rising cost of living... Working as a freelancer and hunting down various customers every month was a little intimidating.

All the red lights turned green when I lost faith in the idea of working as a freelancer and tasted the experience of Upwork. And indeed, I am capable of doing so! This time, I regained my trust, clung to the profession I wanted to pursue, and developed myself more.

Not to know any foreign language

I'm not fluent in any foreign languages. Even though my portfolio was well received, there were several jobs that I was unable to obtain. Sometimes I struggled to grasp and do the task I was given, and it was four or five o'clock at night.

Not to know any foreign language

Because I had to translate and read the content several times in order to comprehend it and complete the task. I've found that this is one of the most popular selections among clients. A person communicates effectively in English! That is why, besides my job skills, I now have a stronger incentive to study a language.

I doubt I would have found the drive to pursue language study if I hadn't been in Freelance Guide. I was unable to achieve this consciousness and turn my attention to it.

Where am I now?

This year marks my senior year. I'm much better now than when I first discovered Upwork, and I've improved. My next objective is to solve the linguistic issue. Because I don't have to do it for any grade, not even for the course, but for my job. I discovered that I needed to do this to work on better projects.

I know where I'm going and how to get there. In the early days, the weather isn't as hazy. Even though my Upwork workload isn't very demanding, I believe I can see ahead and anticipate what I can accomplish and opportunities.

Where am I now?

While writing this, I would like to say that I got my first job months after opening gigs on Fiverr.

Not giving up, not giving up hope, waiting for your share. Thank you to Freelance Guide for teaching these values ​​and reminding them regularly.

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