It does not matter where I am!

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By Zekeriya Mulbay
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If they had told me a year ago that you would write, about the experience of being a freelancer, I would not have believed them. I'm writing this from a lovely, calm cafe in a beach town.

I'm not sure when I got here, but I'm here and I just spoke with a client; now I'm going to have my tea and eat something. I go down to the shore and take a walk after a while.

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How did it start and go on?

I've recently finished my second month as a freelancer. My shift to freelancing was quite easy because I created a sole proprietorship at a young age and began working solely for myself. My prior job required me to provide remote services to my clients, and I ran a sole business for a long time. In truth, I had years of experience as a freelancer as a local, which may have aided my shift.

I'm currently employed as web automation and full-stack developer on Upwork. My profile is still being filled since it is my second month. Although I am used to working remotely, being able to do it in a foreign language was initially exhausting.

Fortunately, because of my attention to English, I have been able to communicate effectively with my clients throughout the past year.

However, I am still working to enhance my language and communication skills, as well as my knowledge of the business in which I work.

How did it start and go on?

One of the most significant aspects of my job in the software development sector is staying current. It is vital to spend time on self-development in order to achieve this. Working as a freelancer, I believe, gives a person an opportunity in this regard, because the person determines his or her own working hours and frequency.

As a result, I'll have more time to learn new technologies that I wanted to learn but couldn't because of my current job, and after I've honed my skills in these areas, I'll be able to start serving in these areas. I believe that freelancing facilitates this adjustment.

Digital nomadic and next one

Digital nomadism is one of the concepts that freelancing has introduced into my life: my home is wherever I can carry my computer. When I was financially and physically free of local ties, I wondered why I had stayed in my office for so long, why I hadn't stopped by a friend and worked there, or why I hadn't gone to the beach and worked there in the fresh air.

Digital nomadic and next one

This is a new style of working for me, and there aren't many others that work this way around me. After hearing about digital nomadism from a friend, I decided to do some investigation to see whether my living conditions were suitable, which they were.

I'm writing from a friend's house by the sea, far from my neighborhood in crowded, filthy, and noisy Istanbul, where I tried to relax by going for a walk in the evenings, but each time I returned exhausted. I'll be back home next week, but I don't think I'll stay much longer; all I want is to see my cat Vanta:')

My friend who taught me about digital nomadism quit his/her salaried job, grumbling about being stressed all the time, and landed his/her first job after only two or three days of hard work. Today appears to be a lot of fun.

My life and plans

I'm not sure what I have to say about it. Apart from a few expenditures, I don't have a regular expense or anything that ties me to the city/environment I reside in because I'm still young. It's best to think of it as the story of a young woman who's just gotten her life in order.

My long-term ambitions are to continue doing this job abroad, which I intend to do for the time being. While traveling, I work and explore. I doubt I would have dared to think about it if I had stayed at the tavern. Even if I made a lot of money, I'd have a stressful job because of the unknowns that the setting would bring. At the very least, I'm at ease now.

In short: working as a freelancer has isolated me economically and physically from my environment. The point I will reach is very clear: world citizenship and nomadism. But for now, I'll be a nomad in my own city, at least for a while.

Everywhere I carry my computer is my home.

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