You should have a smile after completing the task!

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By Zekeriya Mulbay
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Hello! I am Ibrahim, 26 years old and an architect. I want to share my journey of how I became a freelancer.

Let me get to the point. I lived in Spain in 2018. With the feeling of living abroad and idealistic thoughts, I decided to return to Turkey and wanted to work in my country. 2019 was not a good year for the construction industry in Turkey. And with the Covid-19 pandemic process, things got worse.

You should have a smile after completing the task

In this process, everyone tried to work from home, and while doing research on being a freelancer, I realized that 3D visualization and 2D architectural drawing, which are my favorite things in my profession, are interesting. Thus, my freelancer journey began in 2021.

To get the first job

After this beginning point, getting the first job is very important. I cannot say that it happened easily. However, I used an effective way to get it. That is very easy in fact that I wrote the cover letter as I am the perfect match to work with them.

I sent the previous documents that I did before because I knew that it would be a great way to affect the client to see the linking works. I did it successfully. By the way, I applied for more than 80 job ads. After completing the first job I got my first five stars and great feedback.

To get the first job

What kind of projects do I do?

After that process, everything did not go as I dreamt. There are periods when I can't get a job, and projects where I work under extreme pressure. However, these are the things that we encounter in business, the important thing is to look at how much it has improved us.

I think of being a freelancer as a gateway to the world. You can also work with a world-famous Olympic athlete, you can also do a project on an island where very few people live.

Projects can be made in many different areas of expertise such as interior design, architectural visualization, architectural drawings, and landscape designs. Anyone with expertise in these disciplines can work as a freelancer. If you enjoy learning new things, you'll be happy to get to know new people and new cultures, being a freelancer is just what you expect :)

My last work

This photo belongs to my latest project. I designed a restaurant on a small island in Greenland:) There's a design inspired by the local culture. This work was one of the projects that I enjoyed the most.

It can be criticized in such an architectural sense. It can even be discussed, but it was very nice to research, learn and experience it. If you have a smile when you hand over the job and sit back happily, it feels better than most. Well, I am also making money on it, what more can :)

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