I am more comfortable anymore, emotionally

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By Zekeriya Mulbay
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In the field of Data Analysis and Visualization, I provide services. My expertise allows me to showcase the various training I've obtained in various fields as a solution.

My route crossed with a European organization while working on UI designs first, then HTML coding, ASP/PHP and dynamic websites, and WordPress themes. As a result, I began working as a freelancer for an extended period, both as a student and as a free mover.

I had the opportunity to live and travel in such European countries. Unfortunately, I had to return to Turkey for the master's process, so being a freelancer was no longer an option to live.

I am more comfortable anymore, emotionally 1

After my education, I spent a few years dealing with the ups and downs of corporate life. Stress, discontent, and a sense that something was missing evolved. In late 2020, I finally began to make some decisions. The first step was to explain the procedure to my coworkers and obtain written clearance.

Following that, I encountered processes such as customer acquisition, product concept generation, and work area clarity. I left the company where I was a mid-level manager in September 2021 due to all the stages.

These steps were such a time when the benefits of the previous freelancer period were kept while the disadvantages were eliminated. In January 2021, I got a sole company, combining my academic and corporate backgrounds.

Upwork and other freelancer platforms became essential roles in this process. In this way, I found the global areas I served and the problems I provided. In this case, it was a great advantage to make plans. However, these steps were not enough, of course.

I am more comfortable anymore, emotionally 2

While getting a regular salary while working corporate, issues such as following the payments, managing the customer processes better, and obtaining information on issues such as bonds and taxes after becoming a freelancer arise.

Therefore, I may have to work statistically more and for more extended periods. However, this process is much more positive and intense in terms of knowledge skills and emotions than working in a corporate place.

During the following periods, I experienced and participated in processes such as personal brand development, product creation, professional recognition, and dependability.

Currently, I provide services under the headings of data analysis and visualization of data. On the other hand, I am trying to develop products. I plan to put the services in a clear framework under specific headings.

I want to be able to offer producticable ones as products and, if possible, as SaaS. For this purpose, besides making money, I use my time effectively for training courses.

Compared to corporate business life, it is possible to manage time flexibly as a freelancer. However, the periods of the customers we work with can create unpredictable situations, rarely. Similar things can sometimes happen in much more intense work in a short time.

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