The story of recreation of my career

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By Zekeriya Mulbay
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We'll get it by now. If I had written it, it would have been a novel, but they told me to write a story. But let me tell you :) this is a story about recreating my career, not just about working for yourself.

I spent the previous 16 years of my professional life attempting to convey that the purchasing profession is not simply about buying electrical wires from Ankara-Konya Street, but that it also includes rules and principles, all the while I was rising as a white collar in the purchasing departments.

Already, we are guarding the employer, and by an employer, I mean ourselves. Because of this, anyone can work as a buyer for an employer, but they are not able to train to be a purchasing specialist. I simply purchased and proudly wore this garment of fire on my back during my time as a specialist and later as a manager, without hesitation or fear of anyone or anything.

As everyone knows, the written or unwritten rules that should not change in Turkey have started to change in recent years. Rights and law debates, troubles and problems first engulfed the construction industry I was in.

The idea of a contractor has become incomparable to ethical thought. The entire sector operated under the tenet that "He is the boss, we eat up what he does, he can swear at us as long as he gives us money, we forget." Our perception of the sector has been worse as a result of the decline of a few large organizations that we know as schools.

I'm sorry; my honor is everything to me. When I stated that standing at the limit was inappropriate for me, I meant it; I resigned my job and switched industries. I was able to cling onto the new sector for 8 months, but I quickly recognized that the issue was not with the sector. Even after I returned from the two-week leave I had taken to relax, I still want to leave. Thankfully, my supervisors may have grown tired of me and let me go. It felt so amazing to have 2 weeks off and take a vacation for the first time since 2018 that I can't even begin to describe it.

We all sat down and contemplated together. Our family is like that; we always encourage and lead each other at home. This is what being a unit entails. It was evident that I didn't want to perform my job, thus it was time for unity once more. I won't ever look for work, I can't return to a corrupt society, and I won't go somewhere where the truth isn't expressed.

What are our options? They include my internal rage, my grudges, my family's support, my interests and goals, and—most importantly—the fact that we are human. Now that you know that anger and resentment won't solve anything, let's talk about passions and wants. I had a wish list, I was aware of my passion, and together we came up with a plan. In this way, I made the decision to relearn the profession I love, no matter how much time it took, and to put everything I had learned as a freelancer into action.

While individuals my age had 20 years more experience than me, I wasn't even on the same level as men who were 20 years my junior. This concerned me, but when I saw that there is enough food for everyone who works and participates in service exports, I was really reassured. I never experienced discouragement, and, trust me, I never wondered if I could pull it off. Because if one works hard and wants to, is there anything one cannot accomplish? I'm positive I'm the greatest actual person.

So I completely devoted myself to work, I worked day and night for 2 months and I am still working. I met with Freelancer Guide. I started getting good jobs. I got 5 stars and a great comment on my first job from my dear customer. I even got an offer twice, would you believe it?

The rest of my time will be spent working, looking for new employment, living my life as I choose, and telling everyone that I get what I paid for. I'll put in as much effort as I can, and I'll ask everyone to follow me along this arduous route where everything hinges on the individual.

How do you organize your desk?

Here the photo! I lack a lot of organization. Because I prefer to keep things that need to be close at hand in the library rather than on a table, the library is always on my right. It shouldn't be much more crowded at my table since it is already full :).

What are your dreams?

I don't have any lofty goals. I work for my passion, to generate, and to enjoy life rather than for financial gain. I don't want expensive vehicles, yachts, floors, or jewelry. I want to experience as much of life as I can, learn as much as I can, earn as much as I should, and have people value my work. I only need to make a small contribution to help feed my family and pay for my daughter's education while I'm doing this.

How do you spend a day?

The day actually begins with athletics in the morning when I send my daughter and husband off to school and work. If I don't have to go outdoors for the day, I perform my activity indoors if I can do it outside.

I then sit down at my workstation and look for any applications I may submit. I create application case studies and letters of interest for every one of them separately. Even though it takes time, I absolutely create unique case studies for each job, but even if I don't win the position, I always receive feedback.

In addition, it keeps my hand warm. I return to my desk after lunch and sit in front of the online courses I purchased this time. I check YouTube for how-to videos related to my line of work once they're finished. I record videos, edit them, and write content for my own YouTube channel every two weeks.

I spend time with my family till about nine or ten in the evening if the customer work is not essential. I then work for another hour or so before retiring to bed. Sometimes I have to finish the work, so I get up after everyone has gone to bed, but the next day I start the day late:)

My suggestions to fresh freelancers

Work hard. If everyone knows 1, you know 2. And do your job with passion, if you focus on production and development rather than making money, money comes with it. Of course, when you export as a freelancer :)

Why go global?

It gives us what we deserve. I had to cross a threshold because I was entering a field with which I was unfamiliar. After crossing that boundary, I came to the realization that if I work less, I might make less, and if I work more, I might earn more.

In Turkey, labour is cheap and unpaid, and the employee's back is hunched over by high taxes, VAT, and other fees. When exporting services, we collaborate with individuals who appreciate the craftsmanship and high-quality work abroad, and we make acceptable tax payments. It's unlikely that employers will thank you later :)

The platforms that I work

Upwork and Fiverr. I've focused on Upwork, but as time goes by, I'll give Fiverr just as much focus.

The details while preparing my profile

I've talked about the work that I love to do. I didn't indicate that I would also do it. I work in motion graphics, 2D animation, and video editing rather than video production. I also do voice-overs, although I've never written or sent anything. Although I didn't say it, we'll handle the video. The portfolio contains genuine works by me, including videos and examples.

I don't have a lot of portfolio work because I haven't done this job before, so I make it up and do it myself. Or I'm lending a hand to friends and family so I can demonstrate that I put in a lot of work without getting compensated.

Additionally, I continually update it. I manage to keep the thought of the labour in the back of my mind. The exams on freelancing platforms include success badges, therefore I chase after them and strive to obtain those badges. Customers become more trustworthy as a result.

Communication in English

Thanks to my old professional life my English was perfect. I enjoy picking up new languages. I occasionally find that I'm not in a position to communicate because after all, our language is not the same as theirs. In these situations, I either insist on speaking with the customer or, if I can, I reschedule the meeting. The business of message-based communication attracts a lot of clients.

I use Grammarly's free edition to have my grammar checked. Don't be hesitant to utilize Google Translate; it has changed from what it was previously and can often be really helpful. Now, we also hold weekly meetings in the English-speaking Freelancer Guide group. Owners of English education platforms are part of the team; they are compensated, but they also offer additional discounts to make the platform more accessible to the general public. English has, in essence, transcended.

The perfect tactics-Clients

The payment method must have been approved by a consumer. Then I check to see whether someone else has already completed the task, to see if he is knowledgeable, and I gauge the likelihood of asking for something absurd. I review the profiles of the freelancers who have previously worked for me and received poor ratings to see if they completed the task (like 3-4).

If they meet this requirement, I then submit an application for the position, always addressing the client by name, writing a sincere cover letter, and including passages demonstrating my study into both the client and the position.

The barriers to Freelancing

Some nationalities' freelancers snag the work for incredibly minimal pay. Do they profit from the publication?:)

Customers naturally assume that all freelancers operate in this manner because the majority of them produce subpar work, and therefore exercise great care in selecting their next posting. Another challenge is starting a business; I've never had to do that, but I imagine it can be done.

My suggestions to fresh Freelancers

They should work in the market for a period before cooking in the private sector if they are recent graduates or extremely young. In spite of all of my shortcomings in comparison to my younger peers, I have one major advantage: I have more knowledge about how to interact with customers, who to address, and how to handle stress. This is something they can only learn on their own.

Then, let them choose where and for what they wish to work as freelancers (Turkey or export). Being a freelancer has its difficulties; for instance, it is simple to start a business but challenging to shut it down. So make a solid plan before you start walking on the road and stick to it. Keep trying; let them finish. Never have I seen somebody try and fail before giving up.

What do I do in a bad mood?

I think about how beautiful life is and how silly it is to be depressed. It works. I also found a few motivational songs for myself, I play them. I have motivational songs not only about work but also about life :)

The benefits of the Freelancer Guide

We can locate all current data on the topic. It is a real boost to me when more seasoned friends in the field recommend me for jobs. After that, we encourage and push one another.

We have a mentoring program and an English-speaking club. We have groups for both professional and social support. For instance, we have one on Strava, and because of them, I can go outside and walk without saying it's rainy or cold:) It has been a lovely community.

How do I handle with an irregular income?

That stress is absent from me. Never have I claimed that I don't spend money when I have it or don't. I spent a lot of money while I was there, and although I'm a new freelancer, I want to do the same thing here.

Because I am aware that, if everything works out, I will not make much money if I work too little or too hard.

My ideal freelancer definition

The person who uses the Pomodoro technique to complete their work without interruption delivers it without incident, and then does whatever they want with the remaining time does so while relaxing on the covered veranda by the water while sipping coffee and listening to light music on their Mac Book Air:)

The parts that I miss while working monthly salary

No, I do not miss, I'm not lying. You just are aware of and live off of your salary. However, you are aware that your payment is always far less than what you actually make, and overtime hours are never from 9 to 6.

Your silly manager or boss believes that he has the right to resent, demonize, demoralize, and do even worse things to you since he paid you.

You try to put up with things out of concern for your job. Additionally, women are paid less than their male coworkers. I noticed this even at my previous job :)

My bosses brought in a male colleague with higher pay and better rights than me despite the fact that I am a professional, have been working for years, have been involved in numerous projects, and am well-known in the industry.

I vowed to myself not to disgrace my previous bosses because they were still good people and understood value. They even offered me another incentive not to look back, which was beneficial. We even collaborated for a week.

My goals

To work, to learn, to go on living, and to help others like myself as much as possible.

End Notes

There are bumps and thresholds on this journey. But if you put in the effort, develop yourself, do your job poorly, and, most importantly, don't give up, you can benefit from it.

They don't come here to give up, so no one should go on this journey without being mentally prepared.

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