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By Zekeriya Mulbay
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If you ever wanted to know how to freelance as an architect, this article will be useful for you. Freelancing for architects has become quite a trend nowadays, and our templates will help you get your foot in the door. You never know what's on the horizon when you're building, so let's get started.

Freelancing Templates

Profitable Freelance Niches for Architectures

Architectures are becoming more important as the world continues to grow and change, and there are many opportunities for freelance architects to make a name for themselves. The following three niches provide the most opportunities for new and existing architects:

Sustainable architecture: The first niche is sustainable architecture, which includes building green buildings with solar panels, wind turbines, water collection systems, and other technologies that reduce environmental impact. The demand for sustainable architects will increase over the next few years as the government increases pressure on companies to increase their eco-friendliness.

Civil architecture: The second niche is civil architecture, which includes large buildings like schools and universities, as well as public landmarks like libraries, museums, monuments, and parks. This type of architecture differs from commercial architecture in that it is designed to be used by a larger group of people rather than just a single business or organization. There will be an increased demand for civil architecture over the next 10 years as more large cities begin to expand their educational institutions and public spaces.

Dining architectural design: The third niche is dining architectural design, which includes restaurants and bars where patrons eat food in a unique environment that's been specifically designed to match the food's theme. Restaurants are an especially profitable place for freelance

Tips to Become a Freelance Architecture

Tips for new Freelance Architectures looking to earn more money on Upwork:

First, make sure you have the skills you need to succeed. Upwork has a list of the most popular skills in freelance architecture, which they update and publish regularly. Before you start bidding on projects, make sure you have all the skills that are required.

The next tip is that it's a good idea to start your own blog or social media account, if you haven't already. Blogging or sharing new trends via social media accounts helps Freelance Architects find work year-round, and allows them to reach out to potential clients and ask for referrals. It also shows new clients that Freelance Architects are capable of staying up-to-date with trends in their industry and taking the initiative to keep themselves knowledgeable on new innovations.

Freelance Architect Profile Title Examples

Architectural Designer & Planner

Intensive Care Unit Architect

Green Architecture Designer

Healthcare & Senior Living Facilities Architect

Sustainability Consultant

Residential & Commercial Property Manager

Construction Project Manager

Architectural Consultant

Sustainable Architect

Resident Engineer

Landscape Architect

Cost Estimator/Project Manager


Building Inspector

Urban Planner/Community Developer

CAD/Revit Specialist

CADD Technician

Freelance Architect Profile Description Example

As a freelance architect and interior designer, I offer a broad range of skills and expertise across three areas:

  • Building design
  • Interior design
  • Strategy

I have 10 years of experience in architecture and interior design, and I am qualified to work with clients on projects ranging in scope from small home renovations to large corporate office spaces. My attention to detail and careful planning allow me to create appealing and functional designs that suit my clients' needs.

I've served as the lead architect on several projects throughout the United States, including:

  • Restaurant demolitions and new construction
  • High-rise residential condominiums
  • Office buildings for small businesses
  • Airport terminal expansions

I am skilled in 3D modeling, rendering, and drafting. I also possess strong presentation skills, which allow me to effectively communicate with clients. I can also provide project management services to ensure successful completion of individual tasks within a larger project.

Architectural Design Project Scope Example

Project Name: The new home design

Estimated Budget: $9,000

Project Goals & Objectives:

  • Establish a foundation for the new home of [company name] that is as innovative and unique as the company itself
  • Create a space that fosters collaboration and creativity, while providing opportunities to retreat into individual projects
  • Ensure that the building is environmentally friendly and reflects [company name]'s commitment to sustainability
  • Establish a project timeline with deadlines for all major milestones, including design completion and building completion

Tasks & Deliverables:

  • Design an office space that balances functionality and ergonomics with aesthetics and creativity
  • Design an office space that is at least 90% sustainable, including use of many recyclable materials, energy-efficient appliances, solar panels, geothermal heating systems, etc.

Architectural Design Project Brief Example

Background: Our company recently relocated to a larger office space, and we want to revamp our workspace. We want it to be more functional, stylish, and inviting for our employees and clients.

Objective: We need an architect or interior designer to design a new floor plan that shows the distribution of the spaces in the office (approximately 800 square meters). The new floorplan should satisfy our need for functional, stylish and inviting space.

Scope: The architect or designer will create a new floor plan for the space.

Timeline: We would like to have the project completed by mid-February. We would also like to have one meeting with you before you start work on the project, so we can discuss details and establish expectations. Estimated Budget: $2500

Architectural Design Cover Letter/Proposal Example

I love working with homeowners to design their dream homes. I have been an architect for over 10 years, and I would love to work with you to create a home that is unique to your family.

I've read your job description, and I am confident that I am the right person for this position. Your requirements match my skills closely and highlight my strengths. I am fluent in AutoCAD 2D, 3D, and Revit Architecture, which I use on a daily basis to create detailed plans for clients like yourself.

My previous work is a good indicator of my approach to your project: I typically spend a lot of time at the start of each new project getting to know my client's tastes and preferences. That way, we can work together to create something that meets all your needs while keeping within the budget you set forth.

If selected, I promise that we will be in constant communication throughout the entire process. That way, we can make sure the design meets your expectations every step of the way. When it comes time for construction, I will provide a list of contractors that meet your budget needs and have proven experience with similar projects.

This is just an overview of my approach--please reply this message if you'd like more information.

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