Upwork funded my summer vacation

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By Zekeriya Mulbay
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Hello, I'm Serhat. I graduated from Marmara University, Department of Econometrics. When I knew what I wanted, my total working time was about 5-6 years. My total business experience has been 11-12 years. I've been in Upwork for 1 year.

I work for a company currently actively involved in the financial market, and I am very knowledgeable and experienced in financial assets. The biggest thing I enjoy in my area of work is data-based financial calculations. I like to make comparisons. That's why I'm very knowledgeable in Excel/Google Sheet.

Why do I want to work as a part-time Freelancer?

I don't know if my story looks like anyone else's :)

My Upwork adventure, the rapid decline of desire after the pandemic, and consequently, I was worried about being unemployed. I asked myself, "can I do business remotely using my abilities?". Then, after a few days of research, I found Upwork and created an account.

I didn't take profiling very seriously during this start, so I created a simple, untrusting profile, and naturally, I didn't get any work. Then I saw a post from Zekeriya on Twitter and immediately watched videos on YouTube. As he described in his videos, I re-updated my profile and started applying.

What was my first job experience?

My first job was to do a simple Excel for someone who lives in America. It was a fixed-priced 25$. I got my first 5 stars when I finished the job, and it was going to be easier from now on, and it did. I got 23 jobs at the end of one year.

Why am I at Upwork?

The worry of being unemployed I had during the first meeting with Upwork is no more for now. I have a job that I love, but I continue to be at Upwork because I don't know what life brings, and I want to improve myself and learn new things constantly. Because in my comfort zone, demands and possibilities are limited. Upwork helps me break these boundaries.

Thanks to Upwork, I learned about the power BI program's existence. Thanks to a Dutch person I work with in the partner sector, I learned about companies, funds, what they pay attention to when making investment decisions, and what they use differently from the tools we use.

Besides, of course, there's additional income. I financed my summer vacation in 2021 with the benefit of Upwork :)

My Goal

I aim to improve my Excel-based qualifications and take time to work where I can use my experience and achieve higher payments. Besides that, my goal is to find a long-term business partner, use the benefits of being a freelancer, and work in the country I want.

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